Hello lovlies! I think we can all agree that the cold shoulder trend has stuck around much longer than expected! If I am totally honest, I REALLY didn’t like it at the beginning, but then it grew on me. Now? I may or may not have a couple of cold… View Post

The humble backpack has gotten a bit of a skewed reputation, don’t you think? Going back to grade school and even in university I was OBSESSED with backpacks, they were my ‘purse’ collection of circa 2000. FAST FORWARD As you all know, we recently moved uptown Toronto. This means I… View Post

  It is THURSDAY and I haven’t done a post yet this week on Fernweh Society! To say the least, things are a little¬†cray-cray right now! Something that I have been struggling with has been getting through an endless ‘to-do’ list! I can imagine that those who are reading this… View Post

  Are you all ready for another interview of some major hustlers? Well, for all of my Toronto readers, this one is especially for you! If you haven’t yet heard of Boro then prepare to get excited! If you have, even better, here is a little sneak peek behind the… View Post

  It is summer and therefore it is time to minimize the make up routine! Today I wanted to share a little tutorial on how I do the ‘no make up’ make up look! Lately, I have been rocking this look because things have been quite busy and frankly there… View Post