Marrakech Riads – A review of Riad Almeria

Marrakech Riads – A review of Riad Almeria

If you plan a trip to Marrakech you will want to be sure to book a stay at a riad. While hotels are nice and all, Marrakech riads create an experience of a hidden oasis just a couple steps off of the winding medina paths.

So what is a riad you might ask? It is a large home or hotel that is centered around a dining area or terrace on the main floor. Typically, they are located in the medina or old part of the city. The walls of the riad are high and the door to get in is quite small. This is actually an AMAZING feature! Due to the high walls and small entrance all of the noise, dust and heat from the streets doesn’t make its way into the calm, cool oasis.

oasis in Marrakech Riads


Marrakech Riads – Riad Almeria

A quick little side note is that this riad use to be called Riad Maison Rouge and some online content still uses the old name.


Riad Villa Almeria is not the closest one can get to Jemaa el fna (centre of the medina, where all the vendors are). This riad is about a 20 minute walk to the main square. Because of this you do get to see a little more of the medina however, as a blonde haired blue eyed person I definitely attracted some attention walking on less touristic roads. If you don’t mind getting in extra steps on your daily tracker the distance is nothing insurmountable. If you would rather roll out of bed into the medina you might want a closer option 🙂


We were in the Superior Double Room which is quite nice. The room is designed with traditional Moroccan woodwork wardrobes, pillows and of course a beautiful lantern. In the bathroom, there was a spacious, tiled shower and beautiful floors and walls. In regards to space and comfort it was definitely there. Another beautiful room that is available is the Presidential Suite, which has beautiful white walls, white floors and a super luxurious soaking tub!  


moroccan bedroom in Marrakech Riads


At Riad Almeria there is a beautiful terrace, there is also a rooftop pool, lounge area, restaurant and hammam. The pool is just big enough to go for cooling dip. Beside the pool are a few lounge chairs and beds; these are perfect for a day in the sun. Typically, the pools at riads are not going to be as large as a hotel pool as they are mainly for a calming refresher. On the roof is where a cute little restaurant serves a daily continental Moroccan breakfast, which is included in the cost of the room. All the areas were beautiful and lounge-worthy.


Most of the time you will want to get out and explore around the medina to taste some Moroccan delights. If you’re feet hurt or you just want to kick back, Riad Almeria has a restaurant as well! I tasted some Moroccan appetizers called briouates which are pretty much puff pastry filled with various things. I recommend the cheese or meat fillings and wash it down with some sparkling water or mint tea. On the topic of mint tea, I highly suggest lounging in the terrace with a pot of tea and listening to the courtyard birds chirping away. The food at the riad’s restaurant is good, but not earth shattering and is twice the cost as outside in the souk. I would suggest simply grabbing a snack and tea but rather eating the meals outside.

restaurant in Marrakech Riads

Top Mentions

• Seamless transfer to and from the airport  

The riad sent a driver to wait for us at airport arrivals and drove us directly to the riad. On the way back we had to leave at 4:00am which was no problem, quick and easy. I would highly recommend booking a transfer at least on your way to the riad. Not just Riad Almeria, but many others are hard to find if you don’t know where you’re going. Some taxi cabs could end up driving around the old city charging so much more because they don’t know where the end point actually is. The other benefit to booking a transfer is simply the ease of it; no bargaining, haggling or hassling.  

• Terrace area 

While this is common and a specific aspect to a riad, I quite enjoyed the terrace area on the main floor of Riad Almeria. The lounging couches and tables were perfect for a sweet cup of mint tea or doing some work on the computer. The other great aspect of the terrace was that this was essentially a place to not only people watch but to meet some of the other travelers from around the world.

• Tiles & Details 

I may or may not be obsessed with the tiles everywhere in Marrakech, but I really loved the attention to detail in the rooms. The bathroom from our suite had beautiful tiles on the floors and walls and of course the room was complete with Moroccan lanterns! It is really hard to take a bad picture in Marrakech as everything is so picturesque and the decor in the riad followed suit!

girl by pool in Marrakech Riads

moroccan bedroom Marrakech Riads

couch in Marrakech Riads

lounge couch in Marrakech Riads

terrace in Marrakech Riads

beautiful steps in Marrakech Riads

lounge area Marrakech Riads


Improvement points

• Weak wifi signal 

This was a little bit of a sticking point on our trip. As a travel blogger and someone who needs to be fairly connected this was a bit frustrating. The wifi was in and out throughout the duration of our stay at Riad Almeria.

• Distance from Jemaa el fna

This really depends on what you’re going for however, the walk from Riad Almeria was about a 20 minute walk from the the main square, as mentioned above. This does drive one to explore more of the old city and also creates the opportunity for you to see more of ‘traditional’ Moroccan culture. With all of that said, it would be more convenient to be situated closer to the main square, Jemaa el fna.


Marrakech is a mysteriously, beautiful place and one that needs to be experienced while staying at a Marrakech riad! Riad Villa Almeria will help you escape the hustle and bustle of the medina to a private oasis. The staff at the riad are always more than happy to help with anything from a suggestion for dinner in the new city or a hammam treatment that is offered on site.


Happy Travels!

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