Whats On Netflix To Check Out!

Whats On Netflix To Check Out!

After a long day of the “nine to five”, all a girl really wants to do is chill out with a glass of vino , a little furbaby on her lap and get lost in an epic show or movie on Netflix! Or maybe you’re packing up and getting ready for a super long trip and you need to make some selections to download for the flight ahead!

There are always new shows and movies being uploaded onto the streaming site so you need to keep checking for all the good ones!


Here are some favourites of the moment!

1. Lee Daniel’s STAR 

The girls are back. ⭐ Season 2 of #STAR premieres Wednesday, September 27 on FOX.

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If you’re a fan of EMPIRE you will love STAR. While Empire is about the music business and the drama behind it, Lee Daniel’s Star is about three girls who form a group and how they are clawing their way into the business. Get ready for drama, romance and lots of epic music!

Binging Opportunity: Season one: 12 episodes, Season two: currently 9 episodes

2. Dynasty 

Girls just want to have funds. Stream #Dynasty NOW on The CW App! Link in bio.

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You might be familiar with the original 1980’s series Dynasty and if so this is the rebooted, recharged and updated version. Complete with haute couture fashion and family drama to make your head spin!

Binging Opportunity: Season one: currently 10 episodes

3. Riverdale 

More than likely, you are already caught up on this thrilling version of the original Archie comics, if not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Follow along the adventure at Riverdale High with Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and all the familiar characters.

Binging Opportunity: Season one: 13 episodes, Season two: currently 10/13 episodes aired

4. Jane the Virgin 

Are you a fan of telenovelas, traditional Latin American soap operas? Jane the Virgin is a take on a telenovela but adds in a little more humour. Jane and her family work through many complicated situations and relationships. You will also come across, evil twins, long lost lovers and of course immaculate conceptions!

Binging Opportunity: Season one: 22 episodes, Season two: 22 episodes, Season three: 20 episodes, Season four: currently 7/10 episodes

5. Zumbo’s Just Desserts 

For all the dessert lovers out there this show is for you! Adriano Zumbo, famous Australian pastry chef, has his own competitive show where home chefs battle in the kitchen for a chance to win a $100,000!

Binging Opportunity: Season one: 12 episodes


whats on netflix you get me movie


You Get Me 

This made for Netflix thriller is reminiscent of Swimfan and other high school horror films. Make sure to watch this one with someone you trust as you might need to hide behind them from time to time!


What are you watching these days on Netflix? Comment below in case I missed some goodies! I will definitely be downloading all of these before my next trip so that I can watch them on the plane!






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  1. Naziha
    January 22, 2018 / 7:45 pm

    The Crown!

    • annika
      January 25, 2018 / 4:19 pm

      TRUUUUUUE I have heard such good things! Adding it to the list now!

      oxox annika

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