Getaway Cabins – Adventures in Ellicottville, NY

Getaway Cabins – Adventures in Ellicottville, NY

When the snow falls and there is no option to do anything BUT embrace the winter weather, it is time to go on an adventure! You should check out some getaway cabins!
It might just be for a weekend or maybe you’re going to take a week off. In any case, embracing the frosty air can be super fun!


Need some inspiration? Here is a cabin that we stayed at over the holidays in upstate New York!


Girl watching snow in forest in Getaway Cabins

Getaway Cabins

Ellicottville, New York

Location: If you live in Southern Ontario or in New York state itself, Ellicottville is really easy to get to. From Toronto the drive is about 2.5 – 3 hours; of course depending on how smooth the border crossing goes! My recommendation for that would be to get your NEXUS card ASAP!

The cabin that we stayed at is technically closer to Franklinville, NY, which is a 20 minute drive from Ellicottville.

To Do: This, of course, depends on what time of year that you’re visiting Ellicottville, both summer and winter have amazing activities! As we were there in winter, we took advantage of Holiday Valley Ski Area to go skiing and snowboarding!

If you’re not really not into those there are some other options that you could take advantage of such as:

  • Cross-country skiing – this is in fact an EXCELLENT form of exercise.
  • Sledding/Tubing – if you’re visiting with family, the kids will definitely be excited to ride down the hill on an inner tube!
  • Ski bunny for a day – Ellicottville has a bunch of adorable pubs, restaurants and boutiques along the main street.


couple on ski hill

To Eat:

As mentioned, the ski town of Ellicottville has many cute pubs and restaurants to choose from, here is one that we loved!

Ellicottville Brewing Company: This cozy pub offers limitless options of brews to suit your fancy. If you just finished a day of skiing and are not quite ready for a stout, start with a Hot Toddy to warm you up and prepare you for an evening of fun!

Menu Recommendations?

French Onion Soup: If you’re not starving this can be a delicious lunch or light dinner. For this soup you MUST be a cheese lover as the dish comes to the table bubbling with cheesy goodness!

Spicy African Peanut Soup: This is a hearty soup that is SURE to fill you up! The hit of mild spice creates a perfect finish.

Wagyu Truffle Burger: If you’re feeling a little more fancy when dining here test this mouth watering burger! Wagyu beef is quite similar to that of kobe, traditionally it is excellently marbled and super tender. This burger with some crispy fries or salad if you’re feeling healthy is a dinner fit for a ski bunny!


If you’re not feeling the restaurant vibe after skiing there are other options! Ellicottville has a great grocery store selections or you could just get chinese food take out! For wines and spirits we would recommend going to either Winery of Ellicottville or E-Ville Spirits Inc.



At our Cabin:

This is where it gets exciting! It can fit as many as eight adults and really is quite spacious. There is the main cabin and a smaller, private cabin less than five steps away. One of the best things about this cabin is that it is also PET FRIENDLY, so Mr. Karlsson  completely embraced joining the holiday.

Inside the main cabin you will find a beautiful dining area/ kitchen, living room complete with TV and wood burning stove, bathroom, a sliding door bedroom with double occupancy bunk beds and a double loft bed to be reached by climbing a very legitimate looking wood ladder.

The smaller cabin has a beautiful wood carved bed frame, faux fireplace, private bathroom and wine fridge just in case you get snowed in!

Extras: The convenience of being able to have a slow breakfast before a day of skiing or ski bunnying cannot be beat! Other extras that I loved about this getaway were the boardgames that were stocked up as well as the wide variety of kitchenware. Nothing is worse than getting a bottle of wine and realizing there is no corkscrew to be found!


Girl in festive pyjamas in loft in Getaway Cabins

Epic loft bed in main cabin


French bulldog on chair inside Getaway Cabins

Karlsson the Frenchie claiming his throne for the day!


Girl in festive pyjamas in Getaway Cabins

Smaller cabin


Girl in forest at Getaway Cabins

Long driveway in front of cabins


Girl in white jacket in snow at Getaway Cabins

Porch and view to the frozen lake backyard


Girl walking dog at Getaway Cabins

Karlsson and his crazy energy!

Extra Notes

  • If you plan on going skiing more than one day, grab a multi-day pass during your first visit to the hill. Additionally, keep your rentals overnight if you need to borrow gear. This will minimize time in line each day that you visit the hill!
  • At the ski hill, bring your own lunch! The options are decent but mainly include burgers and fries. Other than that you could spend up to 45 minutes in line when you’re STARVING!
  • Make sure you pick up your wine and groceries in Ellicottville before driving back to the cabin as the options in Franklinville are a little more limited and the shops close earlier.
  • If you book this cabin don’t be surprised if an overly friendly deer wants to visit on a daily basis! There is a medium sized deer that might surprise you in the window one morning!
  • If you’re visiting in the winter months be sure to not use SUNSET RD. to get to the cabin as it will NOT be ploughed. Also, ensure that you are arriving in a car that can tackle hills with fresh snow. . .  our little Honda Civic had some trouble!



Please feel free to reach out or request any other getaway suggestions!

Happy Traveling!

oxox annika

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Getaway cabins



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