When life gives you lemons MAKE LEMONADE

When life gives you lemons MAKE LEMONADE


This is literally the first thing that is stated on the website. . . well almost the first thing. The first thing is that it is for the ladies! Girls this is a women-girlboss-bosslady-femmpreneur-hustla-and-any-other-slayin’-name friendly zone!

Make Lemonade was started by Rachel Kelly and this girl knows what is up! For a full on Q&A with Rachel head over here !


Annika Friesen and Rachel Kelly in coworking space toronto

What is a co-working space you might ask?

It is where you can go to focus and get work done! In the age of freelancers and digital nomads and where the traditional office and the 9-5 is becoming less desirable, there are just so few options in between.

In between what? The extremes! One option is lodged between two hipsters in a coffee shop and on the other end of the spectrum you’re stuck in an office. Perhaps the extreme is either your kitchen table (where we all know you’re just thinking about the next meal) or testing out the public library. . . None of these are great for maximum productivity nor are they great to find a sense of camaraderie.

Camaraderie can be something that is dearly missed when one takes the massive leap from a safe paycheque to the life of a freelancer. The days of grabbing a coffee together or gabbing over lunch are non-existent if you work for yourself, but many still crave social interaction and inspiration from others. 

THIS is where MAKE LEMONADE steps in! It is a space where you can tick off all the items on your list, get inspired, heat your lunch and not even have to buy a coffee on the hour in fear that the barista will give you the evil eye. THIS is where you can meet other like minded women in the area who will brainstorm with you, challenge you and connect you. 


annika friesen in coworking space toronto

annika friesen in coworking space toronto


There’s even more!

Make Lemonade is not just a one and done working space. They are creating a community. They host adorable and meaningful sessions from mindfulness to how-to tax sessions complete with a glass of bubbly!

What are some of the other things that you can do at Make Lemonade and can’t elsewhere?

  • Take an #instabreak – the entire loft is sooo instagrammable that you’re feed will turn into a tropical paradise!
  • Host group meetings at one of the interactive tables or you could grab an office and have a conference call!
  • Have a separate business mailing address that will deliver to a Make Lemonade mailbox!
  • Be a part of a community of driven women who will challenge you to push yourself!



How is this supporting female entrepreneurs?

Aside from all of the amazing benefits it really comes down to success factors. Being an entrepreneur is hard and being a female entrepreneur can sometimes be near impossible. One of the biggest challenges that female entrepreneurs face is that of building their support network  and let’s face it it IS all about who you know.

Make Lemonade is helping push forward and create a space where women can support other women in their endeavours. This essentially cross pollinates different businesses to improve and incubate the success of these growing operations lead by some kick-ass women.


Have you tried a co-working space? Are you a freelancer or even a side hustler who would like to get involved in the female entrepreneur community? Check out Make Lemonade’s events page or sign up for a tour you will be hooked!


Happy Hustling

oxox annika


All images photographed by Tom and Keidi Photography 

coworking space toronto


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