The Gift of Travel

The Gift of Travel

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope that you are with family, making memories and sipping on something smooth!

I absolutely love the holiday season, before during and after Christmas when we all get ready to ring in the new year in something sparkly. Any ideas for us? We don’t yet have plans but all I need is to have some bubbly and wear some bright sequins! Leave a comment below as to what we should do for New Year’s Eve 🙂

In the spirit of giving I want to encourage us all to take a new perspective going into 2018. A perspective on learning and growing.

Travel is the only thing that you can buy

that makes you richer . . .

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How true is this?

Obviously, unless you’re extremely behind you have already given you family and friends their gifts, but take second to think about gifting into the next year. Consider the gift of travel instead of the gift of things. Consider how much you can learn and grow from an adventure to a new place. It doesn’t have to be an international destination but could be a couple hour drive or bus ride away.


Travel gives you so many things 


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girl facing christmas tree The gift of travel


New Perspective – During the full cycle of a trip, the planning, the adventure and looking back you can learn so many new things about yourself and of course the place that you visited! You get to experience a whole new place and see how others live their daily lives. Perhaps you learn how happy people can be who have with much less than you do or perhaps you learn a new trick on how to open a coconut! There is so much appreciation that can be absorbed while traveling. This grows character and builds a depth of understanding.  

Memories for Years –  Travel really is the gift that keeps on giving. Think about the last trip that you went on alone or with a significant other. How many times have those memories brought you warmth and joy months or even years later. That is a heck of a lot more than that new hair dryer sitting in your drawer . . .  I mean don’t get me wrong a good hair dryer is a girl’s best friend but it won’t build memories like an adventure with your special guy 🙂 

New Skills – Think about a new language, bargaining skills or even some makeshift mechanics 😛 Not to mention increased patience and logistics planning! Some trips will teach you more than others but guaranteed you will always come home with a new skill after some time away, which you might not notice and then weeks later you will realize how you have grown.


These are just a few of the many things that travel brings and they are things that you will always have.

May your 2018 be filled with travel, adventure and growth!


Merry Christmas




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  1. January 11, 2018 / 12:02 am

    You’re so right about traveling and memories. I completely agree with this and my husband and I truly think this way! We would rather save and spend more on something so special as traveling and memories than just a mediocre night out.
    This was a great post Annika!
    Hope 2018 is treating you well!:)

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