Mindfulness & Weight Loss Tips for Girls on the Go

Mindfulness & Weight Loss Tips for Girls on the Go

For the month of November I was taking part in a full on health re-set!

Re-New Life, the health brand, created a full tip sheet and guide to implement mindfulness & weight loss tips and other challenges to take a new perspective on healthy living!

As you can recall for most of November I was out and about roaming around France, Romania and Morocco. As you can imagine it can be a little bit of struggle to quote on quote,

“get in shape” or

“re-set your body”

when you’re traipsing around different countries.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to be all about a diet food list or hours in the gym.


Here are a few components of H-E-A-L-T-H that set me straight – even while on the go . . .



Physical Activity 


This seems to be a bit of a buzz word these days, but the truth is that it can really make a huge impact on your mental health and then translate into your physical health. I, myself, can get super duper stressed out which ends up showing up on my face in the form of hormonal acne. Some really easy tips that were part of the challenge were as simple as taking 10 deep breaths in a calm state each morning before you get going. It is funny because it seems so simple, but even taking this small chunk of time for yourself is actually quite difficult! Another seemingly simple thing to do that actually helps mental health is just to smile and find things to be grateful for! I have to say that I have not had trouble doing that lately between traveling and my recent engagement I am definitely all smiles!


When I am traveling sometimes it can be difficult to eat healthy,  half the fun of traveling is to eat all of the amazing food from different countries . . .  hello CROISSANTS from Paris and TAJINE from Marrakesh! Keeping in mind that I was doing this November re-set I really tried to follow the tip sheet. I included fruit at breakfast everyday which gave me a boost of fibre first thing in the morning. Tea, specifically ginger tea, is another great tool. When I am home I really focus on having ginger tea in the mornings and afternoons to calm my tummy and aid in digestion. In Marrakesh tea was in abundance but it wasn’t ginger, it was mint. Funny enough, mint tea has very similar benefits, it is great for digestion and minimizing bloat! On top of that it boosts the immune system and reduces stress. Of course the other thing would be to take a probiotic, which is really great to improve gut flora and ultimately aids in digestion and all around health!


tea for Mindfulness & Weight Loss

Physical Activity

Depending on what type of trip you’re on this might be extremely easy or completely challenging. I can imagine that while on a beach vacation it would be hard to get in all the exercise and really  be quite a bit more looming than it was for me on my trip.

Using a step tracker, we clocked our minimum 10, 000 steps a day, most days it was much higher! When you are touring around the souks in Marrakesh or in a transit day going from hotel to airport and terminal to terminal it isn’t hard to get in the steps. Shooting for 10, 000, with some of those steps being after meals, you’re on an excellent trajectory. Walking after a meal is GREAT for digestion and of course overall exploration of wherever you are, I would say you see the most of a city when you’re walking. On the opposite end of getting moving it is so important to get adequate rest, this is key. Have you tried the quick trick of a couple drops of lavender oil on your temples before bed? Honestly it works like a charm and you’re out!

comfy couch Mindfulness & Weight Loss

girl spinning Mindfulness & Weight Loss


Can I just say that once I created some small habits with these little tippy-tips I don’t even really notice them anymore? Also I dropped a little weight when I was away without being too crazy! I can realistically say that I am a stress eater and that when I really take care of the stress in a wholesome way, I just feel better 🙂

If you’re interested click here for the tip sheet for you to download. It has Dr. Sara Celik’s 10 step challenge to reduce stress and boost your health!

Stay Chic Lovelies

oxox annika


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