She who wonders is not lost . . .

She who wonders is not lost . . .

Travel Inspiration

She who wonders is not lost . . .
the famous words of whom? Who knows.

Another famous saying, “I need to get lost in order to find myself”, this was maybe true at a time. It wasn’t that I didn’t know who I was but rather I needed to separate myself from the everyday in order for the true, bold personality I have to come out and shine. I have said it before and I will say it again, but a person’s character is simply a summation of all of the experiences that they have had. The good, the great and sometimes the tough and the bad. Those are the moments that make up a person.

My first “big trip” was my gap year when I was 17. It was a life changing experience. I was so blessed to visit a variety of places and upon my return home all I could think about was my next adventure; where would it be, for how long, who would I go with?

The more I dreamt and planned the topic of “running” would come up. It was something quite legitimate to think about, “was I just running from something and was that the reason for insatiable travel bug?” . . .

The verdict?

No, that wasn’t it and I can now pinpoint it and identify the reason I get wanderlust and always have a severe case of Fernweh . . .


travel inspiration morrocan riad pool travel inspiration moroccan riad




The pure fact of inspiration when one goes traveling cannot be disputed. To see and do things out of the ordinary is already a huge step in the direction of ideas and inspiration even when you’re at home and simply taking a new route to work or visiting a new coffee shop. With travel however, it is a full on attack of all your senses, which forces you to act outside of a routine. This drives inspiration.

Life without inspiration can get quite dull and I understand that not everyone will have the same driver of inspiration and change as I do but for me traveling is like hitting a refresh button. It is a break, and adventure and lesson all wrapped up in one that changes my life no matter how small or large the distance away from home.

Where does inspiration flow from ?

People watching

I find it fascinating to observe what others do. Yes, I might be that person who is eyeing what you’re buying at the grocery store because I just find it interesting, perhaps you have a golden nugget product that I have never thought to try! When traveling I love absorbing everything that is around me from the language, music and food to the variances in how locales interact with each other. I pick up new knowledge and add practices into my own life.


No one can deny that a beautiful city scape or a vast view of a mountain range doesn’t fill them with a certain sense of euphoria. Not only observing people but the environment around them always fills me with energy to create. A simple photo can inspire content of many different forms and of course fills inspiration for future trips to come! 

Time to reflect

It can get really tough at home to find time or even a space to reflect and digest life. With routines and deadlines you can get caught up getting gas and taking out the trash. With travel time and a little more flexibility to read a book thoughts can process and you can actually level off to a point to think ahead. I find at home I have enough trouble keeping up that I can pretty much forget digesting what has happened to the point of letting creativity come upon me.

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With each trip I learn so much about the world and about myself. So tell me, how do you become inspired? If it is a trip what about it brings you to that place where curiosity and creativity collide?


Feed your Fernweh





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