Skills Transfer – A Crossover from 9-5

Skills Transfer – A Crossover from 9-5

A blogger is a …


important blogger skills

. . . and the list surely goes on . . .
Bloggers fill a dynamic role! The reality is that most bloggers still work a full time job on top of creating & promoting content on a consistent basis. We manage our 9-5 jobs and build empires between the hours of 5-9!


I am working with two other beautiful, driven women to share more insights into the world of blogging whilst still hustling in their day jobs as well!

Cassie from An Architect Abroad and Stella from Pretty Little Wings, like me, spend their days at the office then come home to create killer content! Both ladies have found their niche online and found ways to marry their lives and personalities with their blogs.

This got me thinking about how many skills we need as bloggers and how many skills from a day job in fact translate into blogging . . . all you need to do is shift your perspective of the skill and what the subject matter is!

Want to know how each of us build this into our strategy? Read on!

important blogger skills

There are so many learnings and skills I’ve developed throughout my career that have translated into supporting my blog. Some of the biggest soft skills I’ve developed include time management, professional communication, as well as networking and relationship building.

In recent years I’ve been fortunate enough to transition into an industry that directly relates to my blog and brand, which has started to overlap into my work. Through my digital marketing work I’ve gained knowledge in areas such as quality content creation, campaign ideation and management, budget forecasting, and project management, all which have influenced my own brand.


important blogger skills

Setting up a blog and blogging in general, takes time, dedication and commitment. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, balancing a full time job and blogging on the side, but skills that I’ve developed at work such as project management and networking, have helped me in staying afloat.

My Project management skills come in to play on a daily basis while I plan and prioritize my posts, shoots and events, while ensuring that there is enough time for my everyday life activities. When I attend blogging or fashion events I switch on my networking game am now confident to put myself out there, as it allows me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.


important blogger skills


You guys might remember that I am originally trained as a Chartered Accountant, I definitely learned a thing or two . . . or FIVE that I have taken with me into my blogging career.

1. Project Management – I worked as a project manager a couple years back and there was always a lot going on! Having this skill definitely helps me to prioritize and create timelines for different projects. As you know there are so many dimensions of a blog post: scheduling the shoot, styling the clothes and make up, orchestrating people etc. and that is just for the images! Being able to make everything move smoothly and timely is a skill to bring over!

2. Money Management – This can be seen in a variety of ways, let’s look at staying on budget or investing the right amount of resources. When I started blogging I wanted to make sure that this was a path that I was sticking to before I was going to invest money. People may have different opinions but I didn’t see the point in getting a custom website before I even knew if this is what I was going to love (*which luckily it was!*). My first go at the site was, well . . . not pretty! As time went on and I was staying on schedule with posting I let myself invest some money. I think it is important to take things slow, especially when it comes to investment!

3. AP/AR – Staying on the money theme you gotta hustle for it! I have never officially worked in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable but both roles are very important! You gotta pay what you owe and collect what you earn! Unless you are running campaigns and you’re paying people AP is unlikely going to be as focused for you. AR however, GET ON IT! If you haven’t been paid in a standard 30 days . . .follow up, follow up and follow up!!! Be professional, kind and persistent and the cheque will come!

4. Business Development – My current corporate role is in fact Business Development, so I am doing this all day every day! I love it when collaborations come my way but let’s be real, I don’t always want to wait for it to come to me, I want to go out there and hunt for collabs and partnerships myself! It is all about building a relationship and providing value. Again you must persevere in order to come out ahead!

5. Negotiations – A skill that every blogger can work on is negotiating. It is an imperative skill to have, especially if you are not signed with an agency. When you get a contract for a project whether it is the scope, deliverables or the pay  . . . YOU NEED TO NEGOTIATE . . . unless of course it is perfect which is likely never 😛


What do you do in the hours of 9-5? Are you a blogger as well? We would LOVE to hear from you and hear about the skills that you transfer from the office to the laptop!

Stay Humble – Stay Hungry

oxox annika


Photography by Warren Cleland 

important blogger skills


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