Find your fit – tips for better support & boosted confidence

Find your fit – tips for better support & boosted confidence

The secret tip to office fashion and boosting confidence!


Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t decide what to wear . . . hahah that is every day right? I know for me there are some of those mid to late week blues that nothing looks right and everything┬ájust feels FRUMPY!

I think we have all heard it time and time again but great fitting underwear is the holy grail and foundation of fashion, and I would say ESPECIALLY office fashion!

Okay let’s get REAL here – bras are SUPER DUPER important . . . “why” you might ask?

This is what happens when you don’t have a well fitting bra . . .

  • You get that bulge on your sides and back
  • Your cups overfloweth
  • You have empty cups
  • Straps are either digging into your shoulders or forever slipping off
  • You have to battle the underwire and sometimes come away with tiny red marks

These are some of the MANY issues that can be mitigated with a well fitting bra!

You should be wearing something that you feel bad-ass in. More specifically, when you get to the office in your killer heels and strut your stuff into the boardroom you need to be feeling confident and put together.

I feel like it is particularly important for the office because of the setting. Depending on your office, it might be structured clothing and a more formal environment or maybe it is looser and more casual. Regardless of the clothing you’re wearing having a bra that fits properly boosts your confidence levels which is SUPER great if you’re about to nail that presentation for your boss!


Here are some no fail tips to bra-fitting !


I don’t know about you ladies but I always find one or two styles that I get completely obsessed with and wear it until I absolutely HAVE to get a new one! Right now it is this Wonderbra. So I think I might have to get a few more of them ­čśŤ I love the support that it gives and it looks pretty snazzy as well with the fancy lace overlay.


Hopefully these tips are helpful and you can find a bra or two that are totally your style and are SUPER DUPER comfy! If you have any tips that I missed, please leave them in the comments below, I am always looking for quick and easy ways to make bra shopping less of a drag ­čśÇ


Stay comfy!

oxox annika



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