Toronto Start up Fashion Week – Business of Fashion

Toronto Start up Fashion Week – Business of Fashion

Toronto Start up Fashion Week – Business of Fashion

Fashion week is definitely a fun time with lots of beautiful things, great networking and of course events galore. But have you ever been to Toronto Start Up Fashion week?

A few weeks back I did a profile on Joan Kelley Walker, who in fact was the keynote speaker at this year’s Toronto Start Up Fashion week. She, along with a stacked group, shared their stories of fashion and business.

To give you a little peek into the line up there were days focused on The Future of Fashion, The Business of Fashion and an Eco Fashion Forum, which featured our good friends from BORO!


As you all know I am a business gal; it is what I LOVE. Other things that I am obsessed with are fashion and of course following one’s passion, which quite possibly can take the form of a side hustle.


Startup fashion week was created for entrepreneurs and newly minted industry professionals to learn and grow together!


Do you remember that article I wrote about collaborating rather than competing? Well this is just it! The fashion industry can be a place of feeling awkward or rejected, it is sad but very true. For some reason people can get competitive and aggressive; not here however, this is a place of education and inspiration!

Not only do entrepreneurs need to have a network in which to grow but they also need to challenge themselves and continue learning. The same goes for industry professionals. As a professional myself, one of the best investments you can make is education.


Looking at fashion as a true business, there is so much more involved than simply designing the garments; right? The industry has the side of models who are breaking in, business gurus who are industry experts and of course new technology that can be leveraged. The question then is “why are these things not as highlighted”? Startup fashion week puts these front and centre in a holistic view with the designers and garments! This is a place where it all comes together. I really wanted to share this event with you because there are so many aspects of this business. . .





Keep an eye out for next year’s events; you will see incredible panels and shows in both Montreal and Toronto! Feel free to leave a comment below on any industry fashion events! I am always looking for places to get inspired!


Stay stylish! Keep your hustle alive!

oxox Annika


images from Startup Fashion Week



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