Lady in red – Musings of a 28 year old

Lady in red – Musings of a 28 year old

… enjoying the journey…

A birthday is a beautiful time. Last year I did a post on 26 things I learned in the 26 years before I turned 27.

This past year of 27 was a big year for me. For some reason to me it was the year I first felt like a real “ADULT”.

I think everyone has that age where they feel like they are no longer a child, or young adult, but rather a full on adult. I think for some it is 25 and some is 30; for me it was 27. Because of that BIG monumental age in my mind I that I grew exponentially in year 27.

As many of you know I had the first anniversary of the blog as well as other big events like Dustin and I getting a puppy. This past year we also had the opportunity to travel to some great places in Mexico and Italy. It was a fantastic year!

Moving ahead to my birthday this year, I felt somewhat neutral about turning 28. After putting so much pressure on 27, 28 just felt neither here nor there; not bad but not exciting either. As many of you might know I tend to think a lot about the future. In my mind I was already thinking about things I wanted to accomplish before 30 and what my life will look like then. I even started thinking about how for my 30th, I will plan more of a party for my birthday.

While I was feeling utterly neutral around my birthday and not planning anything, little did I know that Dustin and a longtime friend of mine were joining forces to make this birthday special.

There were some clues that Dustin gave to me, along the way but I must say on Saturday night (my birthday being on Monday Oct 2) when Dustin was going to “go pick up the gift” at around 11:00pm I was definitely confused!

Sunday morning, Dustin was excited for me to open my gift. In comes this beautiful garment bag with NARCES across the top. Inside a gorgeous cocktail dress to be worn to my birthday dinner.

NARCES has a particularly special place in my heart. It was actually the first ever fashion show that I attended shortly after moving to Toronto. In fact, I attended this show with this same friend that helped Dustin find this dress.


enjoying the journey

enjoying the journey

enjoying the journey enjoying the journey


This got me thinking. . .

Perhaps even though I felt fairly blasé about turning 28 this experience taught me a few things.

  1.  It is okay not to plan the heck out of things I don’t need to always be in control, it is okay to ‘go with the flow’ and let things happen
  2.  There doesn’t need to be a monumental reason to make something special I might not be in a monumental birthday but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t celebrate
  3. Life has a special way of coming full circle when I first came to this city I had no idea of all the amazing things to come, the people I would meet and the love that I would fall into 


-My thoughts for the next year-


I recently was listening to a podcast that I love, it is called Style your Mind. She was discussing tendencies to always be focused on G-O-A-L-S.

Goals – timelines – deadlines – lists


I know that I am definitely guilty of this. She went on to challenge herself and of course the listeners to take a different perspective. Focus on the zone that you get into when you’re happy. Some might call this the ‘sweet spot’ or simply ‘being in the zone’. Call it what you like but this is when you’re content, creating your best work and being your best self. She discussed the challenge of enjoying the moment and not always right away thinking about what is next to come.

For this year I want to focus on not only the goals and the destination of where I want to get to, but I want to focus on the journey and finding passion, joy and happiness the entire way.


enjoying the journey

You might be reading during a particular moment in your journey, or perhaps you were recently setting goals. I challenge you to do this with me, adjust your perspective of success to include the process.

Get dressed up for that event, pop a little bubbly, create value and find joy in all things that you do. You will create success in due time, the challenge is loving your own road to success, not only the finish line.


Happy journey lovelies

oxoxo annika



enjoying the journey


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