I love you so MATCHA

I love you so MATCHA

The infamous MATCHA! Well not infamous . . . just FAMOUS!

I feel like we all know that matcha is GREAT for us, but I don’t know if we really could say what the benefits of matcha are! I recently was obsessed with Candice Kumai the girlboss and queen of matcha – guys she is on the board of Matcha, can you really get more badass than that?


In any case I was so obsessed without even really knowing why it is so great for you, so here is why!


Matcha is ancient! Did you know that matcha actually got its first wave of fame in China not Japan and only made its way over to Japan in the late 700s early 800s ??? That is crazy! In any case they knew what there were doing because this stuff is FULL of benefits!

1. Antioxidants – Antioxidants are AMAZBALLS for the body, they are pretty influential in fighting diseases, boosting your immune system and simply bettering your general health. You can get antioxidants from a variety of foods but matcha actually has almost 5 x as many antioxidants per serving than other food!

2Skincare  – Speaking of antioxidants, they also help prevent your skin from getting burned from UV rays. Sun damage is one of the worst things that you can put your skin though, it is one of the leading causes of wrinkles which is the least of your worries with skin damage. So if you think about it, matcha is actually anti aging as well! 

3. Detoxes the body – Have you heard of chlorophyll? Well if not, now you have! It is epic to detox the body! Because of the way matcha is harvested and dried the leaves have a HUGE amount of chlorophyll in them. When you put this in your system it removes harmful toxins from your liver

4. CALM +Energy – The amino acids that are present in matcha actually help you calm down while remaining alert . . . so this is definitely not going to make you crash like some other caffeine options out there. Funny enough, Monks drank matcha tea during their meditation 🙂 

6. Calorie burn! – Are you excited just by reading this header, I would be too!!! Matcha tea actually has been shown to increase a person’s metabolism. The amino acids as well as catechins which area type of antioxidant cause the metabolic rate to increase and therefore burn more calories! 


Are you dying to get your hands on some matcha tea? Well lucky for you I have a coupon to get 25% of your purchase at Citizen Tea! At checkout just use the code FERNWEH and you’re good to go! Not only that, here is a little bonus, let me show you how EASY it is to make your own matcha latte at home 🙂

Check back next week for another FUN way to use matcha; this time it isn’t a drink 😉


Matcha cha cha cha




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