Classy & Wallet Friendly Wine and Cheese

Classy & Wallet Friendly Wine and Cheese

With another weekend out of sight and already dreaming for the next one ( . . . I mean Tuesday is practically midweek right?) I am thinking about a good ol’ wine and cheese!

When I was in university, which now seems like eons ago, I would sometimes host my friends for wine and cheese, it was my ‘adult-ish’ version of a house party. To be honest I feel like my friends enjoyed the break from red plastic cups and beer pong now and again 🙂

Now that I am older (and soon to have another birthday!) I’d like to think I can take my little wine and cheese parties to the next level. Don’t worry friends, I am going to show you how to level up while still keeping it budget!

For a party to be complete, other than amazing friends, a girl has to think about FOOD, DRINK and AMBIANCE.



Okay, so it is a wine and cheese! I <3 cheese, ask anyone who knows me, but let’s be real, getting a bunch of delicious cheeses can get pretty pricey! You have some options. For one, you can host a cheese and wine pairing party. This is especially great when it is going to be a large group. Each couple will bring a cheese and wine pairing to share with the group. You can either eat and drink in order of lightest to boldest or set them all out and be merry! Another option for the party, perhaps for a smaller group is getting one excellent cheese and then spend the rest of the food budget on delicate crisps, olives and other accents! For a wild card throw in a few sweet items for fun 🙂 A good cheese can stand on its own, it doesn’t always have to be bombarded by a vast selection 😉

wine and cheese wine and cheese

 wine and cheese


Considering it is a wine and cheese I would highly recommend that you stick with wine! Canada is still behind Europe and South America in our options of excellent quality wines in all prices ranges but we are getting there! For this post I was having some beautiful Montes wines that originate from Chile. They have a nice variety and on average the bottles will set you back only about $15.00, which is great on the wallet! I would suggest starting with the whites and moving towards the deeper reds. I am no sommelier but I do know what I like and that one is to move from light to rich flavors 🙂


The ambiance of the party is completely up to you! You could decide to have a completely relaxed get together with close friends and simply put on some music and call it a night. Alternatively, a few items such as adorable cocktail napkins, themed coasters and trays can add a little something extra to the event! Party decor doesn’t have to be expensive nor fancy but a little effort made goes a long way. My suggestions? Get the napkins and set our your coasters for your guests. Next, select a playlist on your music app of choice. I particularly like some bossa nova to get into a nice wine bar lounge feeling. You could tell your guests that you will be dressing up for the evening and they will likely follow suit. It doesn’t have to be hours of labour for it to feel special.


wine and cheese

With all these tips I am READY to have some friends over for some wine and cheese! Do you have any suggestions for my next party? Let me know in the comments below and I will use your tips and tricks this coming weekend!



oxox annika


wine and cheese

Thank you to Montes Wines for the beautiful selection.


  1. September 21, 2017 / 8:33 am

    Wine is so cheap here in Spain. You can get a bottle for under €2. I really should host a few of these kinds of parties with my friends over here.

    • annika
      September 21, 2017 / 12:02 pm

      Nina, that is what I am talking about! I WISH we could get good wine for that cost in Canada! Definitely a wine & cheese is the way to go!

      oxox annika

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