Three exercise alternatives for those with ‘gym blahs’

Three exercise alternatives for those with ‘gym blahs’

I think we all want  a toned peach emoji bum, slender arms and abs that won’t quite BUUUUUUUUUUT I feel like the gym is well, getting a little dull! Lately, I have pretty much resorted to doing at home workouts however, I have had the chance to try THREE AMAZING new workouts that were not only super fun but gave me DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the next day. For any lovelies out there not familiar with DOMS, essentially it’s your body saying. . .

GIIIIIIIRL; you did a killer workout yesterday and I am not going to let you forget for a few days >.<

The other amazing about these workouts is that the community surrounding them are super welcoming and will just inspire you to make better choices . . . I mean after sweating buckets I don’t think anyone feels like eating nachos, even though they’re delish! You can’t undo all that work!

Okay let’s dive into my three new favorite exercise alternatives! 


Ever tried kickboxing before? It is definitely a staple in the exercise community but I feel like many people are afraid to try it because they’re afraid that they will either not last the class or look silly! DON’T WORRY! Honestly, everyone is struggling as much as you might think you are but you feel like such a badass babe after the class is over! I got to try an amazing kickboxing class in Toronto at Big Hit Studios and I was D-E-A-D but it was so good! They actually have a gummy man for each person to ‘combat’, which feels much cooler than punching the air! The instructors know how to push to your limits without making you feel incapable! If you’ve considered trying kickboxing please go try it here! Such a great workout!!!! DOMS FOR DAYS!

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Aerial Yoga

I cannot TELL YOU how excited I was to try aerial yoga!!! Honestly, for years this has been on my bucketlist! I definitely expected the moment I walked into class to turn into a Cirque Du Soleil pro! . . .  hahah well I can tell you that, that didn’t happen but it was super easy! Aerial Yoga, AKA silk yoga, is a much calmer workout than kickboxing for example. All yoga poses are done using the silk that each person has in the class. Anything from warrior one with one leg in the air to full on inverted poses to increase blood flow in the body! I got the chance to try this at Whole Life Balance on King Street! Not only does this place have a beautiful aerial studio but they also have a bunch of services like massage, cupping and vitamin drips; I think I need to go back and try those too!


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While spinning in general is a tough workout and great for you SoulCycle is SO MUCH MORE than just a spin class! If you are curious as to Things you should know before your first SoulCycle class check out that post! I Spinned/Spun/Span in SoulCycle’s Yorkville location! The experience is so chic and tailored to the class, you actually can choose classes based on your music preference! I highly recommend trying one of these, the bar for your ‘gym’ experience will be raised FOR SURE!


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What do you normally like to do for exercise? Have you tried something interesting lately? Leave a comment below about your experience!


Happy experimenting!

oxoxo annika



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