Summer roundup 2017

Summer roundup 2017

This might seem like extremely terrible timing to be chatting about summer but ‘oh well‘ I beat to the tune of my own drum >.<

At the very beginning of summer I wrote out a bucket list of things that I wanted to do. My original plan was to create this fun list and take you all with me through my summer adventures and blog about each outing along the way.


Last week I was purging some old blog post drafts that were either now irrelevant or I no longer had interest in writing. I was just about to push that very definite DELETE button when I realized that I have in fact done so many things on my list! I was so pleased!

Perhaps I hadn’t written a post on everything but for the most part I had shared it with you in some ‘way-shape-or-form’. There were a few left that I haven’t covered; what do you think, should I try and get the last activities in before the technical of the summer?

summer roundup


summer roundup


Here was THE LIST!


The perfect picnic

I doubt I am alone in thinking that this summer was REALLY sparse on beautiful picnic or beach days! I did get to go for a birthday party picnic . . . but alas I didn’t capture it on IG, does that mean it didn’t happen? haha nope! I think I will have to add it for next summer or dare I do an autumn picnic?

Day at the beach

Well, I think I was really lucky here. Not only did I get some great beach time when I was in Grand Bend but I also was in Mexico this May. Yes, May is spring and not summer but the beach was too good not to include it!  If you’re looking for the perfect resort in Mexico look no further than Hard Rock!

Have some epic ice cream 

I likely ate more ice cream than I should have this summer! Linked above is some delish ice cream that I had when I was touring around the southwest region of Ontario! I checked off so many things that weekend! This summer I have also eaten A LOT of banana ‘ice cream’. Essentially the recipe is a vegan ‘ice cream’ made from frozen bananas, peanut butter and almond milk. Would you guys be interested in getting the recipe? Let me know in the comments and I will share it!

Make my own cocktail recipes

I am not normally one to order a cocktail in a restaurant but they’re getting really good these days! I was so inspired this summer I just had to make my own. Have you tried the recipe? Let me know if you like it!

Have a festive dinner party

This one I ended up writing on how to ‘set the table’ for that special dinner party! I wrote this over on She Blogs Canada’s site as I am one of the Insider panel members. What do you think? Should I do a full on shindig dinner party and blog about it?


Explore Ontario wineries

YAS I got to do a bunch of wineries this summer so I definitely hit the mark on this one! 🙂 I spent some time in the Sarnia region & Niagara!

Go to beautiful Montreal

This DID NOT get this checked off this summer but I am counting on going this fall!!! We didn’t go to Montreal but we did have a fab weekend in Tremblant! So I am thinking a fall trip to Montreal is definitely in order! I haven’t been in such a long time so I would love to have some recos from you guys! Leave a comment below as to what I should see in Montreal 🙂

Have an active adventure

Not sure what exactly I was thinking specifically when I wrote an “active” adventure but this summer we did hike up Tremblant as mentioned above and I got to go wake boarding and paddle boarding so I would like to think I had a little bit of adventure 🙂

Do a massive closet purge

Though I didn’t document this in an Instagram photo, Snapchat or in a blog post I DID do some IG stories on it. I was thinking about doing a full blown post on trying to be more minimalist. What do you think? Would that be interesting? I ended up taking a HEAP of clothing to Value Village, which I felt really great about! I plan on doing this again as the temperatures are cooling down. I mentioned in this post that I think a good ol’ closet purge is always a good idea!


How was your summer? Did you check off everything on your ‘summer to do list’? Well, there is always next year should you feel you missed something! Now we are full on in autumn mode and I can’t wait to create a bucket list for this season as well!


Happy fall lovelies!

oxox annika


summer roundup


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