Keepin’ that summer glow glowing

Keepin’ that summer glow glowing

Can you believe it is officially autumn??? I definitely didn’t think that come the week before October the temperature would be in the 30’s!!!! For the Americans reading this it is high 80’s low 90’s, and who said Canada was cold ūüėõ ?

In any case, as much as we are all loving the last week or so of warm weather before the vortex of winter, I imagine we are all thinking of our skin, and how it will go from a beautiful summer glow to a dull winter flake. . .

If you’re a Fernweh Society veteran you will already know that I am a huge proponent on skincare and anti aging methods, so really this will be no different!


summer glow


I love a healthy tan but I am no longer a sun worshiper. Even up to a couple years’ back, I desperately wanted to have that golden summer glow like so many girls that I would see. You know, that perfect, flawless tan that could be attained by endless hours bathing in the sun. It took me MANY years to realize that my skin just doesn’t glow like theirs did. In a funny way I think that this actually really helped me; when I finally accepted my super fair skin is when the health of my skin really improved. No longer was I in a perpetual cycle of burn, peel, and repeat – which, let me tell you, is as PAINFUL as it is TERRIBLE for you!

This cycle will only bring skin problems!

So now I am THAT girl who is sitting on the beach with sunnies and a huge hat under and umbrella. Heck, I might even be wearing my bathing suit cover up as well! For me, I stay out of the sun for my health and for the anti aging benefits! Think about it, the more exposure your skin has to the sun the more spots and wrinkles are going to appear!


The Issue

I still want that summer glow, so what is a girl to do??? I want it in the warm months but truthfully I also want to take it with me into winter when I am feeling super dull and dry. I don’t know what it is with a healthy glow that just makes you look a little slimmer and more vibrant!

The Remedy

Some of you might already be seasoned self tanners and be complete pros! In my case however,¬†a while back I would have literally run in the opposite direction. For some reason I had this fear that I would end up looking like something that walked out of Scary Movie II ! I envisioned my super blonde hair contrasted with an orangey/red toned tan . . . YUCK. Okay, so finally I built up some courage and tried a new product, which likely you have already heard of; I tried Cocoa Brown. Not sure what is wrong with me but yet again I was afraid that the color wouldn’t match and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to apply it properly and end up resembling a zebra >.<


summer glow

summer glow



Guys, this was actually so easy to use. All you need to do is squeeze the mousse onto the mitt and apply as though it is moisturizer. Evenly distribute it where ever you want that¬†summer glow ! You then wait for 1-3 hours while you let it darken. I only waited one hour because again, I didn’t want it looking too dark, just a healthy shimmer. After one hour had passed I took a quick shower and came out looking like I spent a couple hours at the beach, except with none of the SUPER red nose and cheeks (and sunstroke) that I would have gotten had I¬†actually been sun bathing outside.


…I was quickly converted to this self tanner… I feel like it checks off so many boxes for me…

-I can continue to be the ‘shady lady’¬†but still have that beautiful summer glow

-I can take that summer glow with me into the winter and not need to be concerned about bronzer powder because let’s get real, I don’t know what I am doing (and I don’t have time every morning), which brings me to my last point . . .

-You can apply this magic mousse once a week and be glowing all winter long ūüôā


I must say I am feeling much calmer as the weather cools down. . . I am not so worried about my¬†ghost-ish looking completion! I think I am going to build a little¬†Cocoa Brown time¬†into my weekly routine; I mean I can’t say no to another way to expedite my makeup – no more bronzer for moi!

Have you tried self tanner? More specifically, have you tried Cocoa Brown? Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would LOVE to hear what you think. Also, let me know if you have tips & tricks for a self tanner newbie like me:)


Happy Glowing!

oxox annika



summer glow



  1. Olya
    September 27, 2017 / 12:41 pm

    Perfect story and sounds like a perfect product!!!I do have fair skin too and I think this product will work just as good as on your skin

    • annika
      September 27, 2017 / 11:07 pm

      Honestly I wish I had this years ago!!! Let me know how it goes!

      oxox annika

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