Five things you should know before going to a SoulCycle class

Five things you should know before going to a SoulCycle class

SoulCycle could be one of the most famous niche exercises! Not only do celebrities like Lady Gaga and Katie Holmes OBSESS over SoulCycle but it has been featured in movies tv shows itself!



Here are FIVE THINGS you should know before going to a SoulCycle class

1- You have to rent shoes & learn to unclip them

If you were considering going to a SoulCycle class anytime soon, GOOD FOR YOU! But just so you know, you won’t be able to wear your fancy kicks during the class, even if they’re clean …pshhh we all know you wore those indoor gym shoes outside 😛 You’re fooling no one!

In any case, you have to rent (or buy) shoes because your feet actually clip into the pedals! At first I thought it was so hard-core that you have to clipin, but it actually really helps! If you ever get off-beat on the rhythm you won’t lose your footing, which could get pretty embarrassing . . . speaking of embarrassing, make sure you are well versed in the clipping in AND out of the shoes from the pedals. At the end of the class, you will clip out to stretch. All I can say is only half of my body was stretched due to my ‘unclipping’ issues >.<

2- You will ride by candlelight

Turns out this is a signature thing that they do at SoulCycle to set the tone of the work out. A candlelit space, inspirational instructors, killer facilities and of course amazing music create the full experience. I obviously didn’t do my research before I went to the class and thought maybe I was in a ‘special’ one, nope, they all have candles! I must say you do feel extremely cool riding to amazing music, in the dark while rocking out to sick rhythms . . . well I am convinced I do 🙂

3- You can choose your class based on your music preference

Not only are there THEMED RIDES that you can sign up for but once you get a feel for the instructors at your studio of choice you will know which class in which you can push yourself the hardest. It makes complete sense right? I really disliked it whenever I would go to the gym for a group class and just really not vibe to the music that was being played. You need to make sure you’re in a class that you can groove to!

4- Your legs will feel like jello after you’re done

BEWARE – be uber careful getting off the bike, especially the first time your go to a SoulCycle class. The moment you step off your legs are going to feel like a mix of wet noodles and jello! All jokes aside it feels amazing to have worked out so furiously but make sure you don’t fall on your neighbour!

5- Get ready to be close to your neighbour

Ummm….. speaking of your neighbours in the class, be prepared to be EXTREMELY close to them! The SoulCycle studios are actually not that big, and many bikes are packed tightly together. You might have a front row seat to the rider’s butt right in front of you >.< Just ignore it and don’t be so shocked!


Have you tried SoulCycle before? What were your experiences? I absolutely loved my first time at SoulCycle Toronto in the Yorkville location. It was perfect for grabbing a coffee afterwards at Whole Foods with my girls Darlene, Therese, Soheila, and Jessica! We all were completely dead after the ride and hope to go again soon!


Happy Cylcing!

oxox annika





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