Motivation – 5 ways to get it back!

Motivation – 5 ways to get it back!

If you have been following along my IG stories you will definitely have noticed that I am making more of an effort to work out regularly. If you missed it there I had a double whammy post day last week full of SoulCycle and Spicy fitness options!




I will say that ‘at home‘ workouts while extremely economical are so hard!!!!


Because it is so easy to be unmotivated!!!

This got me thinking about motivation in general. We all have goals right? If you’re reading this and you thought, “no I don’t think I have any current goals on the go”… then you need to read this and get inspired!

The thing is that even if you’re really excited and committed to goals, life can sometimes weigh you down and you feel unmotivated. Here are FIVE ways to re-motivate yourself to CRUSH some goals . . .  or maybe do an at home workout 🙂

1. Get mental

I am reading the book Linchpin right now, it is SO GOOD!!! I would highly recommend it! In any case it outlines many times in the book that you need to see things in a different perspective and use your mental strength to push through. It mentions something in the book that I think we all experience too often in daily life; we talk ourselves out of certain goals because we are not “smart” enough, “strong” enough or “good” enough. THIS IS BS. If you can get your head in the game and be honest with yourself, you are half way there. Use your mental strength to create a plan to the goal – this will be liberating and motivating!

2. Set an allocated time frame with baby steps

This not only helps with finishing the goal or task but starting it also 🙂 For example, if I get home from work and think about working out I feel like crawling into bed and hibernating! The trick is if I tell myself that I will do a short(er) yoga dvd workout then it is mountains easier to get motivated to do it! Once I have the dvd in I am rocking out on my mat and end up having a great workout! This tool can also work with motivating yourself for housework, set aside 10 mins and you will be surprised as to how much you get done!

3. Outline a very tangible  way to see that you’re getting closer to your goal

This is big!!! I guess I will use my fitness example again 🙂 I set out a tangible goal of working out THREE days a week. If I cross off those three days I know that I am training my body into shape! Last week  I only managed . . . one workout :-O ! Yesterday I felt EXTRA motivated to workout because I wasn’t on task last week on my tangible part of the goal. Another way of looking at this could be deadlines, lets say you are setting up a blog. Set dates for yourself by which to have things done  (name selected, URL purchased etc). If you come to your deadline and you haven’t done the last task you will feel motivated to get back on track!





4. Have a motivation buddy

THINK GYM BUDDY – but honestly it can work for anything and everything that you need motivation for! For me, Dustin is definitely my motivating buddy, both of us are trying to eat healthier and workout more frequently. We keep each other accountable and motivated! Perhaps you’re setting up an e-commerce business and are getting really bogged down with details. Have a friend or mentor check in with you periodically, even just by knowing that they will ask will put some fire under you! You don’t want to be on the same task for too long!

5. Take a break if you need

I seem to share this again and again. I am a huge believer in taking a break! To be honest sometimes I don’t think I take enough of them, which might be the reason I sometimes feel burned out. If you’re pushing hard, knowing a break is coming up can be EXTREMELY motivating. Tell yourself that after your set timeline (point 2) then you can take a break. You will be motivated to get there and take your well deserved down time 🙂


What did you guys think of this! I wanted to note that I have a similar post on PRODUCTIVITY! The difference that I see of productivity and motivation is that you need motivation in order to start and continue the task. Once in the task at hand is when you need to focus and use those productivity tips!!!



Reality Check

Back to my real life need of motivation, what types of at home work outs do you guys do? I am personally really enjoying my Jillian Michaels dvds for the moment, but I would love your suggestions!!!

I also wanted to note that while it isn’t on the list I DO feel more motivated to work out when I have cute gym gear, don’t lie, everyone feels more motivated when they’re looking amazing 🙂

The mat that I have in the images is from ALWAYS X ALWAYS which is a truly inspiring company in Toronto (interview on them coming soon)! My GORG nails are done by Lauren, another Toronto girlboss killing it in her side hustle! My cute yoga wear and sweater (not pictured) is from ROMWE!


Happy Tuesday and happy motivating!

oxox annika









  1. September 15, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    This was a great post Annika!

    You look beautiful in your yoga attire! Absolutely love it!

    This post is so true. Personally, for me, it’s hard to get motivated when I am bored. When I feel like I am forcing myself to do a workout (like yoga) and I am not excited for it… I won’t do it (if anything, I’ll do everything to avoid it!). However going outside for a walk or a jog can bring me all the enthusiasm and motivation, so that day I’ll do that instead.

    If all else fails, a motivation buddy is a great idea. The fact that you have to answer to someone makes you more accountable!

    As long as I move my body some how every day, I am happy!

    Have a great day 🙂

    • annika
      September 16, 2017 / 1:35 am

      Hi Jennifer,
      First off thank you for your kind words! It is always so unnerving to post images of myself in yoga wear! I totally agree with doing what you’re enjoying; one will never find motivation to accomplish something that you hate! I use to love running and now the thought of going for a jog makes me want to hide! This is the reason I have switched to yoga 🙂
      Like you said, with exercise any movement is great and with motivation keep yourself accountable!

      oxox annika

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