That daily latte that you’ve been having . . . it might be causing hair loss!

That daily latte that you’ve been having . . . it might be causing hair loss!

Who loves to start their day with a hot, bold americano, or perhaps a delicious iced vanilla latte!? Yup – me too! Turns out 2/3 rds of adult Canadians would agree with you and I am definitely one of them!

I can imagine that many boss ladies reading this go through even more than one cup a day, I am thinking pre-work, perhaps during the morning or during those super longgggggg board meetings? What I didn’t know until recently is that for women specifically, drinking coffee has great benefits BUT it leeches and reduces absorption of certain vitamins and minerals that we will see repercussions of.


. . . in plain speak, we gotta be sure we are counteracting our liquid gold to get full benefits and minimize the cons!


To give a little background I was at World Fitness Expo a couple weekends back, which btw is not just for personal trainers! I didn’t know what to expect but I learned a lot! There were a variety of educational sessions and I sat in on one with Holly Warner. 

She was  explaining that while we all love that jolt that coffee gives us before the work day starts we need to be aware of what coffee might be depleting from our system. Each of the following are vitamins and minerals that coffee depletes from our bodies!





Hands up if you know what magnesium does? For some reason this mineral keeps popping up in my life, and perhaps for good reason! When drinking those endless cups of java your magnesium is going down because coffee reduces absorption! How can you tell? Maybe you’re feeling more sluggish, getting cramps or even getting insomnia! Pick up some spinach, pumpkin seeds and some avocado . . . do you really need a reason to eat more avocado? I thought not 😉


Feeling tired even if you’ve had a plethora of coffees? Well, unfortunately those coffees might be spiking you and preventing your body from absorbing iron from the foods that you have eaten. The top symptom of an iron deficiency, yup, you guessed it FATIGUE, which is the exact reason many people are drinking this liquid gold in the first place, am I right 😛

My suggestion, eat some dark leafy veg, dried fruits and if you’re a carnivore have a steak. Not sure coffee goes with any of those items listed, but be sure to drink it at a different time than eating your iron rich foods for best absorption!


Sorry if it is a broken record already, but we all know that calcium is important and especially important for women, right? Well the thing is that unless you’re actively trying to consume high calcium foods, the americanos and iced coffees are actually helping put you into the negative for calcium. Low calcium = weak bones, right? But that is a long term play. In the short term, you might need a boost if you are getting muscle cramps or  . . . wait for it . . .WEAK NAILS! Ladies, if you want some strong nails then eat kale, salmon and almonds to name a few options 🙂 Or you could simply have a glass of (soy)milk, that would work fine as well 🙂


Because coffee is a diuretic, zinc is depleted a little with each cup that you have 🙁 Among headaches and tiredness another symptom of deficiency of zinc can actually be a factor in hair loss or hair thinning!

*insert screaming emoji here*

Holly mentioned for women in particular the hair thinning first shows up on the temples! So instead of getting shy about thin hair perhaps add a zinc supplement or increase your pumpkin seeds and cashews! *I would suggest throwing them on salads!*


Just so we all know, by NO WAY am I writing this post to make any motion to stay away from my coffee, if you know me at all you will know I LOVE the stuff. This is more my way of making us aware of how easily we can cause ourselves a deficiency of nutrients. Check the timing of your bevies (AKA coffee drinks), stock up on beans, fruits and dark veg and mayyyyyybe limit to 1-2 coffees a day, I know – the struggle is REAL – !


Happy Caffeinating!

oxox annika

images include fernweh society, dine and fash and sincerelykn 
please note I am not a medical professional. This post was written based on internet research and educational sessions at World Fitness Expo. consult a medical doctor before adding any supplements into your diet.



  1. September 6, 2017 / 12:25 am

    Interesting read! I had no idea coffee could be causing that so it’s good to know and be more aware now while consuming it in a limit!

    • annika
      September 7, 2017 / 11:42 am

      RIGHT??? I was surprised when I learned it too! I guess we just need to be aware of what we are supplementing with!


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