Getting mail is like sipping Dom Perignon and eating champagne truffles! . . .

Getting mail is like sipping Dom Perignon and eating champagne truffles!  . . .

I think from time to time we all need a little pick me up, don’t you?  🙂 Between the endless work days and commutes it is amazing to return home to a fun surprise! I recently came across a new subscription service that I think is on point for a monthly pick me up!

I may have a thing for subscription boxes if I am honest; if you follow me on Instagram you will know that our little pup Karlsson is getting his own BarkBox each month, which is quite fun! I of course felt left out until I got my Mia box!

I wanted to do a little ‘inside the box‘ post to share with you all the treasures that I got! Of course, this was August box and each month the box will be different!

Something to note is that each of the products in a Mia box are super fun, chic and stylish! I mean can one really go wrong with anything palm leaf pattered ??? I think not!

The other thing to note before I dive into all the amazing contents is just the pure bliss of receiving something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk mail. Getting mail, and on top of that a getting a BEAUTIFULLY wrapped package is such a treat, to me it is like taking a bubble bath, whilst eating champagne truffles and sipping Dom Perignon!


Let’s talk contents!

mia box

So the box itself is absolutely gorg! I mean that bow and cute logo are the best! But what we really want to do is dive into what is on the inside right???

Mia Box – AUGUST

As mentioned before, each month the box will contain different items to keep things spicy and new 😉

For my Mia box in August I got the following:

UMMMMM Speaking of Instagram . . .


On top of all the chic contents of this box it also included a lil’ inspo note and faux mini banana leaves! So think about it; a stylish gift for you, pretty packaging and contents, and ultimate Instagram flaylay opportunities!

It is a completely biased and selfish thing to point out but who isn’t looking for beautiful content!


mia box


mia box


Guys there are only a couple more days to use the code of FERN10 to get 10% off! You can use this until August 10th to get the September box 🙂 Feel free to message, email or DM me to ask any questions! I will be painting my nails and lounging in my Eightmood throw 🙂


Happy Subscribing my lovelies!

oxox annika




mia box


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