How to know he is the one + JORD giveaway

How to know he is the one  + JORD giveaway

My partner in crime, my other half and my team mate . . . these are a few names that I use where I am referring to Dustin. I feel really blessed to have found “the one”. Not everyone believes in there being only one person for everyone, but for the purposes of this post we are talking full on, capital letters, bold and underlined:


I use to be one of those skeptical girls and I hated it when people would say, “oh, you will meet ‘the one’ when you least expect it”, and all that . . . oopsies . . . that is exactly what happened!

Obviously, I do believe that as an independent woman I know I don’t need a man, I want one. I want someone to share in successes and challenge me to grow!

So the next step then, after the initial meeting and dating has taken place and everything is still smooth sailing how do you know when you’re comfortable making that mental approval and coming to the conclusion of . . .

Yes, I want to be with this person for the rest of my life and  feel confident about it


how to know he is the one


Well, I might have your answer! Everyone is different, but these are things that are important to me, and ultimately also important to Dustin 🙂

How to know if he is THE ONE


1. Can you travel with him?

This is a ‘biggy’ for me. I imagine any members of fernweh society or other wanderlusters already know that this is a big test in a relationship, but if not, let me shed some light. There is a lot of planning that goes into a trip and not only that but when you’re on the road there is quite a bit of stress and instability. It is not uncommon that a wrong turn or a missed snack that can make someone fly off the handle. Obviously, there will be disagreements, like at home, but if you can travel with your guy and not only stay civil but really team up together to overcome the challenges that come up, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

2. Can you fight nicely?

It is normal that couples, even the best of them, will have disagreements. Life happens, mistakes can be made or garbage not taken out. The point is that when tension builds do you and your guy manage things without completely freaking out and hurting each other? If you can find a way to settle disagreements by coming out stronger as a couple than you were before, this is one more checkmark for Mr. Right.

3. Can you agree on life goals & values?

Life goals are HUGE. There are so many different categories as well: career, religion, family, hobbies etc. It is important that your significant other (SO) not only accepts and supports those goals but also shares them and EMBRACES them! It is unlikely that each of you are 100% aligned in every single aspect of your life, but it is all about how you can bring your separate set of goals together and merge them into common goals between the two of you. This will also bring you closer as a couple when you are hustling towards the same things. If you and your beau have common goals and support each other, nothing is stopping you!


how to know he is the one

how to know he is the one


4. Can you challenge each other?

You don’t want someone to blindly agree with you right? It might seem great in the moment if your guy agrees with everything that you say but what if it causes you to make a big mistake because he didn’t want to give some constructive advice? I think it is S00OOO00000Oooo important to be able to challenge your other half. I truly believe that you are part of a team for life, not only to enjoy and surmount challenges but also to become better people together. The other touchy piece here is HOW to challenge your SO while still being loving and understanding. If you and him have this down pat, you’re ahead of the pack and are DEF good together!

5. Can be yourself with each other?

Finally, you can’t be putting on a show for the rest of your life. Being yourself is not just “wearing sweats, no make up, and hair in a topknot”. . . it could be that, but it could also be; being crazy goofy, being vulnerable or even crying if you need to and having that shoulder there to cry on. Being yourself can also be celebrating successes! Whatever it is, you and him should be able to share EVERYTHING . . . even if you’re an ugly crier >.<


I don’t have to tell you but Dustin and I keep each other on track in life  . . . haha sometimes that even means reminding him where he put his watch! We are loving these Jord Watches, they are different, unique and 100% natural hand finished wood! These wooden watches keep us on time for all of our adventures and double as a chic accessory because, let’s be real, we all want to be the most stylish couple out there!


how to know he is the one


The best part? Jord is offering a $100 as a giveaway to one lucky winner towards a wooden watch of their own!

To enter click here !

Every person who enters will also get $25 towards the watch of their choice! Dustin is wearing the Hyde and I the Cora.

The contest will close 9/17 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 11/30!


Happy Tuesday!

oxox annika


Wooden Wrist Watch


how to know he is the one





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