Backpacks you can take to work!

Backpacks you can take to work!

The humble backpack has gotten a bit of a skewed reputation, don’t you think? Going back to grade school and even in university I was OBSESSED with backpacks, they were my ‘purse’ collection of circa 2000.


As you all know, we recently moved uptown Toronto. This means I am spending quite a bit more time on the subway and commuting from point A to point B. On top of that, when I do go downtown I want to really make sure I have every possible thing that I will need for the day/evening. . . As you can imagine it makes me end up looking like a bag lady with 13589723985729835 tote bags and sore shoulders to boot because the straps on the totes are too thin . . . plusI put WAY too much in the darn bag!



Classy – work appropriate – backpacks! THEY EXIST! I am in the market for a new ‘work bag’, however this time I think I am going to invest in a chic backpack! Here are a few reasons why.


Reasons to use a backpack for work


When you have a backpack on you can be doing other things, unlike holding onto a purse. This means my hands are free on the subway or bus (or even walking) for texting, double tapping or holding a delicious Americano (I know right? Life’s priorities >.<).


As previously mentioned above, my shoulders get SUPER DUPER sore when I am carrying around loads of tote bags and purses. I end up swinging them over the same shoulder all the time it seems; habit I guess? With a backpack the weight of what you’re carrying is spread out on both shoulders and a little support from your back as well. This will mitigate shoulder pain and keep my shoulders even!


Did you read my last post on productivity hacks? If not, definitely go take a quick read. Here is another bonus hack, being PREPARED! By this I mean, throw your laptop in your backpack and get hustling on the subway, other transit or in between events! I really want to have a backpack that will comfortably fit my laptop so that I can quickly set up at a coffee shop in between events and meetings and churn out some blog content for YOU GUYS 🙂


~Big decision~

So which one do you think I should go for? I am liking a good blush pink knapsack but one can never go wrong with a classic black!

Let me know which you think I should go for in the comments and I will definitely share it on social media!


Keep hustling







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