Watermelon Cosmopolitan – the new drink of summer!

Watermelon Cosmopolitan – the new drink of summer!

Summer is heating up! Sooooo I figured I would sweeten the deal with a cosmopolitan! Not the good old Sex and the City cosmo, although those are quite good, but with a fresh Watermelon Cosmopolitan!

Before we dive into the recipe I really must share a little #cosmoconfession of my own! I will keep it short and sweet!


When I was in third year university my business law class took a little trip down to NYC. For some reason we were invited to bring a plus one for some strange reason, but who cares about the logic, I took it! I invited my roommate and we were going to have an epic time! The day was all planned out by the law professor and we were going to visit all these businesses and check out key ‘law influenced’ places around the city. My roommate made her own plans to visit television sets and roam around. We both ended up skipping out on activities early and found ourselves at a bar selfishly indulging in cosmopolitans, SATC style and eating some delicious New York cheesecake 🙂 Needless to say we slept well on the bus ride back to Ottawa!

Okay – let’s get into this summer cosmo recipe!

watermelon cosmopolitan

watermelon cosmopolitan

watermelon cosmopolitan

Watermelon Cosmopolitans

Each recipe makes one serving

2 oz. Vodka

1 1/4 oz. Cointreau

2 oz. Watermelon juice

1/4 oz. Freshly squeezed lime juice

optional – 2 tsp. egg whites 



Add your vodka, watermelon juice, cointreau and lime juice in a drink shaker with ice. Shake to your heart’s content 🙂

Pour into martini glass.

Optional fancy-pants measure – I took a very lazy way and whipped the egg whites for a couple of jolts in my Ninja.  I then poured overtop and placed a VERY thin slice of watermelon on top for garnish.


Alternative preparation

If you want to have the egg white froth throughout the drink then add the egg whites, vodka, and cointreau into your drink shaker with a shaker ball or whisk end. SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID  PICTURE  (even though technically you are not supposed to shake those. . .  just saying).

Once all shook up, then add to your little mixture to your sugar rimmed glass, then pour in the remaining ingredients! Voila! Done!


For this recipe I was using NÜTRL Vodka which is actually a Canadian brand! The vodka was developed in British Columbia and really, it is the perfect vodka for those who want a smoother finish. Plus, it has recently won silver in the international spirits competition! WOOHOO go Canada! In any case, I am not normally and huge vodka fan, but this one is soft, smooth and does the trick for these yummy cosmos!


What are your thoughts on this summer inspired interpretation of the classic cosmopolitan? Will you give it a try? Let me know in the comments how you like them or how you are going to garnish your drink!



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  1. July 14, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    This looks delicious to drink and simple to make which is perfect! Definitely will be trying it over the summer 🙂

    • annika
      July 16, 2017 / 3:35 pm

      EXCELLENT! I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

      oxox annika

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