Do these 5 things to increase productivity!

Do these 5 things to increase productivity!


It is THURSDAY and I haven’t done a post yet this week on Fernweh Society! To say the least, things are a little cray-cray right now! Something that I have been struggling with has been getting through an endless ‘to-do’ list! I can imagine that those who are reading this are also working through a pile of tasks, side hustles and chores that have built up are also feeling the pressure! I wanted to share a few things that have supported my productivity as I have added more projects to my plate. I am going to work harder to employ these tools to create even more productivity in my life!


1. Lists & Priorities

You might have already read the post I did on lists . Well, I need to repeat myself *sorry*!  I LOVE lists! Not only are they amazing for getting ideas down on paper and crushing anxiety but they are also great for really visualizing your priorities! If you create a list of every single thing you need to do and see something at the bottom of the list that is high priority, your gut will MAKE you rewrite it at the top. If things are not written down it is SUPER easy to get side tracked . . . we have all been there. Write out your list so you have everything you need to do in one place. After that is done, pick your top priorities for the day. By only doing the tasks on your list you can work through them seamlessly and not have you mind concerned about what you’re forgetting because it is on the master list!

2. Focus

Repeat after me, “I am a victim of multitasking”. We all are! For some reason I think years ago someone said multitasking was a good thing. Other than wearing a face mask right now as I am typing this out, no good can come of multitasking! Productivity actually dies when you try and multitask because your brain power is spread too thinly. Not only do both tasks have mediocre outcomes but it in fact takes you a lot longer than simply doing both tasks separately!



3. Time Blocking

I think time blocking and focus go hand in hand to boost productivity! Time blocking enables focus, but lets dive into what it really means. I find that sometimes when I have a task, for example, sorting unread emails into action piles that I am simply dreading it! If I set aside 10 minutes and literally set a timer I am going to focus and ultimately be more productive. During these times I like to put my phone on airplane mode and set the alarm. Surprisingly, much of the time I end up finishing my tasks before the timer is up, whereas if I simply tried to multitask or slowly sift through emails it would end up taking me so long and I wouldn’t finish.

4. Just saying “No”

Ahhh the productivity killer, saying yes to too many things. I think I may have finally learned my lesson that I cannot do it all >.< Shocking I know . . . To be productive in the tasks and projects that are high on our priority list you really need to focus on those. We already talked about focus and by saying “no”, you actually enable your own focus. The other great thing about saying ‘no’ is that you can save your energy for the high priority activities. You will ultimately be more productive AND have much better results when you say “no”.

5. Taking a Break

It seems counterintuitive to being productive and getting things done, but taking a break can be an amazing tool for productivity. When you’re spread too thinly as a result of saying yes to everything and get to the point of overwhelm it is quite healthy to take a step back and take some down time. I personally love having a relaxing soak in the tub to calm myself and re-centre my energy before I crush out a few blog posts or take the next step in one of my other ventures. If you are rushing from task to task their importance and substance can become muddled and drag on. Create a clean break from each activity with a rest in between; this will give you an amazing boost in productivity!


What are your productivity secrets? How do you keep up the energy between your 9-5 and side hustle? I would love to add your tips to my arsenal! Please let me know in the comments below and I will give them a try!


Happy Goal Crushing!

oxox  annika


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