Hard Rock Summer – Our stay at Hard Rock Mayan Riviera

Hard Rock Summer – Our stay at Hard Rock Mayan Riviera

Hot Hot Hot! That was the weather at least in Mexico when we were there for a wedding in May. Yes, I am a little tardy on sharing our little slice of heaven, but it is worth the wait! The Hard Rock was really all you could ask for out of a resort!


Setting the scene

There are many Hard Rock resorts globally; this one in particular is about a 60 minute drive from Cancun international airport. The resort has shuttles included in your stay so no worries about struggling with taxies or busses. Just hop into the air conditioned transit and listen to some curated music on your drive to paradise!


Upon arrival

This will never get old for me, upon arrival there were some KILLER margaritas! I am a huge fan of margaritas but not the faux, overly sweet slushy kind. I like the real thing and these did NOT disappoint! After checking in and someone bringing your bags to your room they give you a little tour. We were in a suite with a King bed and a rooftop terrace. As we were with a wedding group, pretty much all the couples were upgraded to this style of suite.


hard rock


Exploring the facilities

Aside from the beautiful rooms the Hard Rock has two sides: Heaven and Hacienda. Heaven side is the “adults only”,  which has the resort gym and full night club with a pool inside! Hacienda side is for families and singles alike. Both sides have amazing restaurant options such as; Mexican, Italian, French, Japanese and many others. Both sides have multiple pools, beach front areas and little walkways to stroll along. The two sides are about a 15 walk apart, no need to walk however as there are little trolly shuttles every 1-5 minutes. I know what you’re thinking, you’re so lazy that you didn’t walk. Well, yes, perhaps, BUT the sun is also SUPER hot so really I was in fact shielding my skin from sun exposure 😉


Notes on food and drink

As with any all inclusive resort the food and drink is . . . well ‘all inclusive’. However, I don’t know about you, but I have been to all inclusive resorts where certain restaurants are NOT included. Here, it is seriously ALL IN! All included and no resos needed for the fancy restaurants.  I would say though that if you’re feeling the Italian restaurant or the French one, sometimes they can get a little busy in high season so I would consider making a reso if you are more than just two people.

My highlights for food and drink have to really be for the ‘in room’ options! Guys, room service was not extra. If you want breakfast in bed every single day YOU CAN! Also . . .

 . . .room service champagne by the bottle with glasses – check, mini bar in the room with a nifty hidden wooden bar – check!

Literally I could have just chilled in the room and terrace all day with room service and been completely content. Oh, did I mention the terrace had an ocean view and a jacuzzi on top . . . yeah, that is what I thought you might think – complete paradise!

I would say my favourite food by far though was the readily available chips and salsa with guacamole by the pool. Pair that with a cool lime margarita or mojito and you’re set!


hard rock


hard rock

Credit points!

Another little bonus that you get when you stay here is a certain number of allocated credit points to use for resort activities, spa services or special things like dinner for two on the beach. The slight downside of this is that you do still need to pay a 20% service fee. All things considered there were a few things that we did that I found to be the cherry on top of this stay!

I used credits for massages and spa treatments! When even paying the 20% service fee, these services were a fraction of the cost I would pay at home. Think something like a $40, 60 minute massage or facial; not bad at all. Nothing beats waking up by the ocean and going for a luxurious massage like no big deal! The other thing I loved was renting one of the ‘Bali Beds’. These are little terrace areas that contain two beach beds. Each Bali Bed rental comes with either wine or sparkling wine and ceviche. Included is also a butler, who brings you drinks and food whenever you want it. Our guy was excellent in my books as he pulled some strings to bring us a bottle of Rose instead of white wine!


hard rock


hard rock


This was not only a great destination but absolutely beautiful for the wedding we attended! Have you been to this resort or another Hard Rock, share your favourite parts in the comments below!


Happy travels!

oxox annika



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