Boro Clothing & Co-founders Natalie & Chris !

Boro Clothing & Co-founders Natalie & Chris !


Are you all ready for another interview of some major hustlers? Well, for all of my Toronto readers, this one is especially for you! If you haven’t yet heard of Boro then prepare to get excited! If you have, even better, here is a little sneak peek behind the scenes of the company and the founders! Well what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in. Be sure to catch the BONUS at the end of the interview!


Interview of Natalie and Chris of Boro Clothing


Thank you both so much for being on Fernweh Society! Why don’t we kick things off with a little background on Boro and how it works.


Sure, thanks Annika, we are happy to be here! Boro is a trusted peer-to-peer marketplace for women to list and borrow clothing from other women in Toronto. You simply head to, select your outfit of choice, your date range, and boom – we deliver it right to you and pick it up at the end of your rental period. All you have to worry about is looking amazing!



BOOM – there yah go, looking amazing simplified! Mind you I already know it rocks, I’ve boroed some amazing stuff already 🙂 So tell me, how did you both meet and come together to start Boro Clothing? 


Funny enough, we both had the idea for Boro separately! A mutual friend connected us and the rest is history!

For me [Chris], it stemmed from a strong interest in the sharing economy and studying the rise of companies like AirBnB and Uber.

And for me [Natalie], it arose from accumulating lots of dresses as a result of recurring work and personal events, wearing them once or twice, then having them sit in the closet. I noticed that many colleagues and friends had the same issue.


That is awesome, it really sounds like it organically came to be! So what were each of you doing before you came together to start the company? 


I [Natalie] was working at KPMG as a CA prior to Boro. I decided to take a sabbatical and volunteer in East Africa. My main role was working with artisans to help them develop their handbag businesses. From that experience I felt like my perspective of North American consumption completely shifted! I really wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem! So that is what made me want to become an entrepreneur; to solve relevant problems and influence change.


Wow Natalie, that is really inspiring! Chris, what about you? What was it that inspired you to get into life as an entrepreneur?


I [Chris] was leading the operations department at a men’s custom suiting start-up. My role involved managing all partners, systems, and infrastructure. Prior to this, I actually co-founded a Drone media business. From all of these different experiences I was closely following the development of the sharing economy and I knew that I had to be part of this exciting movement! This was the desire that inspired my jump into Boro!


boro clothing

Clothing from Boro. Images of @sabrina_marie13, @qingaling & @thecatwilliams in order


Wow, you are both so inspiring and are doing so well! Okay, so let’s get the nitty-gritty; what is the best part of being an entrepreneur?


Honestly, not having that knot in your stomach on a Sunday before going back to work!  You know that when it’s your own business, you really look forward to Monday mornings and each day because there is an energy about going into work and solving problems for others using your business! Work is no longer a 9 to 5 but really an extension of yourself and your creativity!


Excellent points! So then what is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?


Yikes, well the day-to-day grind can be an absolute rollercoaster! One day you are on top of the world and the next you are putting out fires. Since it is only you and your small team, you feel the weight of every decision and these low days can really take a toll on you emotionally. Of course it is intimidating at first, but over time you build a resilience to the difficult side of the job. If you’re able to turn any difficulty into a learning opportunity and apply it going forward, you will be better off as a leader and a person.


Great lessons learned and good advice. Looking ahead what are your plans for Boro?


We really want Boro to be synonymous with freedom. We both think that people are too held back by possessions. We all spend so much money on ‘stuff’ that we realistically only use 10% of the time. Why? Because that is what society tells us to pursue. We want Boro to symbolize owning less and experiencing more, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Not only can Boro help to improve your own life from this, but also improve the community in which you live.


“We want the world to rent the outfit, and own the moment!”


Guys, thank you again so much for sharing about Boro and how it began! To finish off, what is each of your top tips for the readers of Fernweh Society who have dreams of starting their own businesses?


I [Natalie] would say dreams and ideas are great, but execution is what makes them real! You need to start taking formidable action on what lights you up so that you can make it your reality. The Law of Attraction really works and will help you reach your goals when you start taking action to attract what you need!


[Chris] Don’t start a business just because you want to or because you think it is a cool idea. If you achieve any amount of success, you have to assume you will have to get through many difficult times to get there. The only way to be resilient and stay course is to fall in love with the problem, not the solution. With Boro, Natalie and I are passionate about the problem we are solving. We know Boro will change and grow over time but so long as we stay course to solving the key problem of fast fashion, we will remain determined to make Boro a success!


Super inspiring!!!! Okay, so now that we are IN LOVE with the founders, let’s dive into the process of renting a killer item.


boro clothing


Now that you know what to do go check out some of the epic pieces on their site!



Alrighty- now is the time for two AMAZING bonus gifts!!!

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Happy Boro-ing!

oxoxo annika


Images unless otherwise stated from Boro



boro clothing



  1. July 20, 2017 / 4:11 pm

    I love being able to learn about new companies and brands through interview blog posts like this one. And I happen to live really close to Toronto – so it looks like I will be checking out Boro for some new outfits! 🙂

    • annika
      July 21, 2017 / 1:57 pm

      Hi Maya! Thanks for taking time to read and comment! Yes, Boro is an amazing startup! It is especially great for bloggers, you can Boro and outfit, shoot it and return it 🙂 Be sure to enter the contest and use my discount code!!!

      oxox annika

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