Accessories; the key to your wardrobe!

Accessories; the key to your wardrobe!

Accessories are a MAJOR component of my style and ultimately my wardrobe in general. They can change a good outfit to an epic one! On the note of fashion and clothing I am in then midst of what I am calling “PROJECT MINIMALIST”, I will blog more about this later, but essentially I am trying to pair down my belongings including the amount of clothes I have.

As much as I do want to create a minimalist wardrobe I still have the need for so many different types of clothes . . . 9-5 corporate looking clothes, weekend comfy clothes, fancy clothes, brunch clothes, blogger photoshoot clothes  . . . and well, the list goes on!

This is where some crucial accessories come into play, you need items that can really jazz up an outfit but also use them for all the different looks that you have! Accessories are so important because they tie everything together. Many times they become the glue to finish the outfit!

I am going to walk you through four outfits from a capsule wardrobe that all benefit from similar accessories but are for different occasions. All accessories are from Vimeria my new BFF jewelry company from Toronto . . . more on them later 😉



Jacket Here | Pants Here

So a few tippy tips on dressing for work my friends? Well, first off check out this post ! This look really works because you have the structure from the beautiful blazer. You can pull off a pink blazer for work because it is tweed (AKA more formal) and the neutral black pant works well to contrast the pink jacket.

Accessories: Layering the Eva necklace and the Bridget choker adds visual interest to the neckline then using the Lilly earrings it nicely fills some empty space between the shoulders and my hair. All around, there are three accessories that add interest but using the gold tone they doesn’t overpower the look but rather compliment it to create a well thought out and professional outfit.


Dress similar Here

Okay fine, Miss fancy dress, considering no pants were used in this photo! One cannot beat a chic, blush dress for a fancy night out or special event! I have worn this one to a variety of weddings, beautiful dinners as well as threw a blazer over top and used it as a work dress!

Accessories: With the scoopy neckline on this dress the Cleo choker brings a focal point up from . . . well you know where 🙂 The black and gold are also super neutral and will go with anything! The Lilly earrings work well again on this look to tie it all together! As I mentioned. . .  these accessories are on point; they go from office to event quite easily!


Cami similar Here

I don’t know about you but when I am out on a weekend, perhaps hitting a little brunch situation, I like to look good; no sweatpants for me thank you very much! A simple lose, white cami paired with black jeans can easily bring an i’m not trying but i look fab vibe 🙂

Accessories: Keeping it layered with the Lilly earrings, Eva necklace and Bridget choker, but this time added more weight with by using a double action bracelet. Here are two Joan bracelets to keep the weekend vibe strong. If you wanted to use these bracelets for a day time look, you could use one. If you wanted to amp up the weekend factor, use one on each wrist to create a cuff look.


Shirt similar Here | Pants similar Here | Shoes Here

Of course, how could I not include a blogger outfit! To be honest, I would say a blogger outfit is something I could wear to brunch and sometimes even to work shhhh don’t tell! I am a HUGE fan of the monochromatic look! If you are ever worried about what to wear to look extremely chic, put together and fashion forward, go for the all white or all black look. It is easier with white or black as you can match colors of different pieces of clothing that were not purchased together. Once you are using other tones and shades it can get tough to match. I always like to add a statement shoe to my monochromatic look to break up the color 🙂

Accessories: With the all white look and statement shoe, I went with a Tamara necklace to keep things simple, chic and easy!


The one thing that all these looks have in common?   . . .

 – simple, chic accessoires – 


Okay, for anyone living in Toronto, you are going to be really excited, these are designed right here at home, but of course available online everywhere! I really have to say the pieces are high quality and oh-so-chic! It really saves me time if I don’t have to change my jewelry each time I have a different event. I love the simple, clean lines and the way you can layer them to make the pieces look different for whatever mood you’re in.

I am so thrilled I get to offer you a 20% discount until August 31 2017! Click HERE and use the code ‘ ANNIKA20


What do you think of the outfit selections and the accessories to go along? Will you be trying some of these out? I can’t wait to see all of your beautifuly styled outfits!


Stay chic my friends!

oxox annika


Photos by Anna Laskin







  1. July 7, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    Beautiful post Annika! The minimalist jewelry works perfectly well with all the outfits in the post, they really do make a big difference in styling your entire outfit as well, as opposed to no having any accessories on. The pictures turned out lovely. xo


    • annika
      July 8, 2017 / 7:23 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to read! It is amazing how much of a difference great accessories make!


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