The secret LinkedIn Hack – How to get a new job!

The secret LinkedIn Hack – How to get a new job!


We all have different pivot points in our career journey when all of a sudden, “enough is enough” and you want to get out and try something new! I have definitely had my times like that as well.

Many of you know that I come from a background in the ‘big four’ accounting world, in fact I have already had a few pivot points of my own! I was at brunch this past weekend with a group of beautiful ladies and we got on the topic of careers, industries and how to get a new job! It is such a daunting task and no small feat, however I think there are little tips and tricks that when used can definitely smooth the path to a new role.


It is all about who you know


As much as we like to get around this little phrase, a personal referral from someone always goes miles farther that a cold application on some online portal, those are practically black holes for CVs and cover letters, once its in, you will never see it again! So how do we embrace the WHO-YOU-KNOW of getting a new job??? My answer would be LINKEDIN!


LinkedIn is an amazing tool! You can connect with people you have met in person, study their career progression and learn from them. So back to this brunch, between mouthfuls of Shakshuka and mint tea one of the girls brought up the frustration of the online portals and how they don’t necessarily lead to jobs. My response and tactic against those; networking. Yes, I have already chatted about networking on the blog, but I think there is a certain art when networking on LinkedIn.

In my opinion everyone should take advantage of informational interviews. Whether you are looking for a new job or an industry jump altogether, information interviews are going to help you immensely.



They will :

  1. Create connections that might enable a possible move
  2. Give you and ‘insiders’ look to the role and industry you’re dreaming of – sometimes you might not even see yourself in that industry after you learn about the daily tasks
  3. Help you prepare for your interviews by knowing what employers will look for
  4. At very minimum teach you something new – learning constantly is the spice of life!


So how are you getting these informational interviews? LinkedIn of course! Here are the steps you can master  . . .

The Secret LinkedIn Hack

Step 1 – Take advantage of the free month of the “Career” module – there are other modules, but this one is all we need. If you want it longer than a month, it will only set you back $30.99. I did this a year or so ago and ended up keeping it for a few months time; totally worth it! To find it, go into your account settings and scroll down to subscriptions; click PREMIUM. Voila!

Step 2 – Start researching! Take some time and go down a few rabbit holes. Go check out people in your city, your current industry, your dream industry, try and search your dream job and see what that person did in order to get there. Not everyone keeps their profile up to date but many do, take advantage and learn from it. Read, read, and read some more!

Step 3 – Once you find people that you have a bunch of questions for it is as simple as sending them a message. Thanks to the trusty ‘tester’ month on the premium module you can send lots of “InMail”!

Step 4- Hopefully people will respond to you. My advice would be in the messages that you send, simply tell them that you’re very interested in their background/education etc and would love to take them for coffee and ask questions. If they don’t have time, send them questions over InMail. The worst that can happen is that people say ‘no’ or don’t respond at all.

The Best? Well who knows, you might meet them, completely hit it off and open yourself up to a whole new world of opportunity! These people might introduce you to others or send a job posting your way that seems to be a good fit.



Something important to remember . . .

Networking is along term investment. Please do not go into the ‘networking’ world expecting an instant gratification, it doesn’t work like that and people will sense it from a mile away! Networking is all about balance, give and take so to speak. Hopefully you can share some insight with whomever you’re meeting while they’re doing the same for you. Go in with good intentions and a long term view and you will be surprised as to the amazing outcomes!


Feel free to DM me, email or comment below if you have any further questions on how to get started on your E-Networking journey! I would love to help!


Happy Researching!!!

oxox annika





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