A day in the life of a full time employee & blogger

A day in the life of a full time employee & blogger

As you may recall one of my goals for my second year of blogging is to connect more with YOU and share more of my life!

If any of you followed along the She Blogs Canada Instagram takeover a couple weeks ago you will know that I was talking about some tips and tricks of being a full time employee as well as a full time blogger. I figured what better way to share what this looks like than to do . . .


A day in the life of Fernweh Society


Obviously the events and activities change day to day but this is a pretty good idea of a typical weekday. So here we go!


Alarm goes off . . . I turn it off. This is a new thing for me actually. I use to be getting up at 6:00 am and be able to pop up no problem; now on the other hand it has been a little more ‘slow moving’. . . .


Alarm goes off again and I turn it off. . .  then cuddle with the ever cute Mr. Karlsson who stretches out long and expects breakfast ASAP!


By this point Karlsson has been fed, watered, snuggled and walked and I make myself an iced latte. . . the first of many coffees of the day and I had some toast with cheese; my favorite dairy!


During this time I normally prepare myself for the day which includes washing up, COFFEE, breakfast and answering a few Fernweh Society emails before work. By 8:30 if I am not out the door I will be late!

9:00 – 17:00

I could easily say okay, here are the 8 hours where I am at work. The thing is though, it should be noted that normally my work takes me all around the city. For the day in question, yesterday, I started the day with our team phone call. After that I was catching up on some administrative work before having a client meeting uptown then going through some more work before heading downtown for another client meeting in the fashion district. After this meeting a little more transit and focusing on managing projects until the end of the day. *phew*


day in the life

day in the life

day in the life

17:00 – 20:30

Here is the time of day when things get crazy! By this point I am already a wee bit tired but a girls gotta hustle right? I rushed over to the first event of the night. On the menu for yesterday, Thomas Sabo! What a gorgeous event hosted at Berkley Field house by Faulhaber Communications. I really have to hand it to PR companies. They are really getting good at making things so easy to capture! Highlights of event number one? I got to meet a TV show host that I have been a long time fan of, got to catch up with friends over some bubbly and view some beautiful products! After I snapped photos and Instagram stories I was back on the streetcar. I barely got to the second event in time. This was an E-commerce panel at Brainstation Toronto, which was super informative. There were four industry individuals sharing their thoughts and lessons of e-commerce. Companies represented were Loblaws, Adidas, Shopify and Paypal. Come 20:30 I was pooped and back on the subway home to grab some dinner, have a quick snuggle with my boys (le boyfriend and le puppy) and back to work!

21:30- 22:20

After some sustenance of 7 superfood salad and tortellini made by my man I changed into my comfy clothes and got back to work.  The work for the evening consisted of replying to emails, uploading Instagram stories from the two events, finishing this blog post, editing photos for the post and of course planning and writing future blog posts both for Fernweh Society and She Blogs Canada. Another big part of my day at this point is the preparation of a VERY VERY exciting project to launch before the end of 2017 😀 Definitely stay tuned for more information on that, its going to be amazing!


At this point I have normally collapsed and will either watch some Jane the Virgin (my new time suck) or just go straight to sleep. Last night I was POOPED but so wired on all the coffee I had during the day! I don’t think I managed to sleep until 2:00 but finally did!



Well there is is, my typical day in a nutshell. What does your ‘day in the life‘ look like? What is your favorite part? Do you guys like this format; would you like to see this in the newsletters with local entrepreneurs and bloggers? Let me know in the comments below! Also – comment below if you have some tips and tricks for productivity!


Keep hustling!



Images captured by Rachel Dinh and Fernweh Society






day in the life


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