My daily skincare routine

My daily skincare routine

You may recall a few weeks back I posted about getting a Miracle 10 facial at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Toronto. I mentioned at the time that I also would be sharing my experience with the skincare line as well! I figured I should use the line for a couple weeks before sharing my thoughts, so here we are! We are going to dive into what the products are, why the process of getting them is great and my favourite pieces from the line!


A little background on my skin 🙂

I am definitely lucky as I have never suffered too terribly from acne. My skin is mixed, some areas are dry and some a little more oily. Like many others, I have certain pores that are the delinquents and end up breaking out when I am stressed – womp womp! Another issue that I typically have, which again I bet others have this too, is that in the dimple area between my chin and bottom lip builds up gunk – yuck!  It isn’t too terrible, but its like minimal white heads, and just feels bumpy and gunky (sorry for the lack of adjectives but this is exactly what comes to mind when I talk about it >.<).




So that is my skin . . . .

When I was getting the facial as well as the Miracle 10 product line the associate there asked MANY MANY questions; but it was all for good cause 🙂 There are six products; you use four in the morning and four at night 🙂 Each has its own levels of active ingredients. All this said, these questions determined which level was given to me based on my skin. Let’s face it . . .






Skincare NEEDS to be specific for YOUR skin type as well as your environment . . . being, do you exercise often, spend heaps of time in the sun? <— try and minimize that ASAP if you don’t want wrinkles FYI . . .




So let’s dive into the products shall we?


Cleanser: Obviously this is the first step in a skin care routine. You want to start with a fresh face and blank canvas so to speak 🙂 Wash off the oil as well as any bacteria that built overnight. In the cleanser you got some Vit. E to hydrate, some Green Tea for anti-aging and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) to break down and remove dead skin cells.

Toner: Active ingredients in here include three acids, don’t worry all mild and won’t harm your skin, in fact they promote even skin tone! These are AHA, BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) and Kojic which is actually made from rice! I think between the cleanser I OFFICIALLY got rid of those annoying bumps of gunk on my chin 🙂 To be honest my face just felt smoother, I am sure due to the gentle exfoliation. Anyone out there still using an apricot scrub PLEASE do your face a favor and swap to something more gentle. The harsh pits of an apricot could be scarring your beautiful face!

SPF: YAY, YAY, YAY! Everyone should be praising Miracle 1o for including this in the skincare line!!! As you evidently can see I have fair skin, therefore I burn super duper quickly, so SPF is extremely important in my skincare routine. HOWEVER, it should be important to EVERYONE, and all year round! Just because you’re not sun tanning in the fall/winter doesn’t mean that you can’t get sun damage! Sun damage at minimum increases wrinkles so lather up on that SPF!

Light serum: Finish off the day time routine with a little Vit E, Vit C, Peptides and Jiaogulan. Like other serums it promotes cell growth (hello glowing skin) and contains antioxidants!

The whole morning routine also acts as a make up primer – so it goes on evenly 🙂






At the end of the day you all BETTER be removing that make up and cleansing!!!

The Cleanser and Toner are the same great products from the morning 🙂

AHA gel: This gel is almost like a night serum. It has Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid and Grapeseed oil to remove dead skin cells and reduces appearance of skin damage (mainly from the sun).

Night cream: The final step in the routine before you hit the hay to seal all the goodness 🙂 Add some more Vit E, Beta Glucan and Caprylic triglyceride (derived from coconut oil) to hydrate and cool the skin. This part always feels SO AMAZING right before bed!


Other fun points about Miracle 10 that I love so much?

  • CANADIAN MADE – more specifically TORONTO MADE
  • They don’t test on animals which is golden in my books! Mr. Karlsson will be happy about that as well 🙂
  • There are active ingredients that are actually doing something not just clinging to the skin>.<


Welp –  there you have my latest and greatest skincare routine – of course make-up is a whole other ball game! I am planning a fresh summer tutorial coming soon. Think about it though. You know how undergarments are the foundation for a good outfit, well, skincare is the foundation for beautiful makeup!


Happy Cleansing!

oxox Annika







  1. June 6, 2017 / 9:52 pm

    I enjoyed this post as I’ve been so obsessed over skincare since the past year! I’ll be keeping this local brand in my mind, especially their light serums when I’m in need of some new skincare 💁

    • annika
      June 7, 2017 / 1:59 am

      Yes! Take a look at their stuff, they are so good 🙂 I love the fact that they’re local, a true cherry on the cake! Keep being obsessed with skincare! Your future self will thank you 🙂


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