Why I am breaking up with Instagram

Why I am breaking up with Instagram


It is a pretty bold statement isn’t it? The fact of the matter is that Instagram just really hasn’t been such a great partner lately, am I right? Between all the fiascos of shadow banning and algorithm changes Instagram needs to get their ducks in a row!

As a blogger and social entrepreneur there are HUGE benefits with using Instagram like: traffic to another site, engaging a large audience through hashtags and of course cross promoting!

The downside?


Well, lately it feels like that moment when you hope Mr. Instagram is going to call and never does. Or maybe calls and then puts you on hold indefinitely.

Jokes aside, there are way too many articles siting that Instagram is the number one app to cause people depression! Personally, I have had huge ups and downs through Instagram. There are days when a photo of mine will do extremely well, or perhaps I got a great number of new followers and I feel invincible; but of course there are the other days when things aren’t looking so hot or a photo I really loved tanks. It completely affects my mood and I don’t want to give that kind of emotional power to an app!


Does this mean I fully breaking up with Instagram . . . like quitting? 


I would say I am quitting my emotional attachment to it. Realistically, I still love using it. I find cool places when I am traveling, discover new photoshoot locations and of course I have met some amazing people through Instagram. I am quitting the correlation of my mood with my likes, I am quitting the FOMO and ultimately I am quitting being so narrow sighted!


I feel like I should be standing on a soapbox on the corner and yelling to no one 😛


I think the key here is the “narrow sighted” part. Let’s think back, way back to 2010 when Instagram was launched; people were still promoting their brands and blogs and doing it quite successfully! It is very easy to think that Instagram is the only or best way to promote content; I have been in that short sighted group of people as well.


breaking up with Instagram

breaking up with Instagram

breaking up with Instagram

Here are five other ways to promote blog content!

1 Pinterest

Every time I speak with someone who isn’t that familiar with Pinterest, I explain it as the “visual Google” (you can quote me if you like 😉 ). I think people are turning to Pinterest much more than they ever use to because humans are SO VISUAL! If I need outfit ideas and a gorgeous looks on Pinterest, it might just so happen to link to your blog post. Ultimately I found it because I like the look of it.

I love how you can create boards (groupings of saved photos) as well as get involved in group boards, which are a gold mine for blog promotion. A group board is where there are many contributors and likely thousands of followers. So the followers will see the group’s pins on their photo stream and hopefully pin them to their boards! It becomes a beautiful cycle of re pinning and visits to your site 🙂

2 Twitter

Twitter used to the be the ULTIMATE social media platform, now it is still kicking but not as high and mighty on the food chain. This means it is a good time to reach out to people you want to connect with, interview or collaborate! People are not as bombarded as they use to be on Twitter because the volume of activity has decreased, but people still have the app. The other thing with Twitter is that the followers are LOYAL ONES. Try tweeting!

3 Other blogs

I am thinking of blogs where you submit your articles for publication. There are many blogs like this where the concept of the blog is to curate not only create. This opens up a PRIME opportunity to get featured on one of these sites. A couple that I love are Career Girl Daily and Mind Body Green.  These sites have huge traffic and by being featured on them will drive traffic to your blog 🙂 Another way to leverage other blogs is simply by engaging. It is a similar technique to growing an Instagram. You simply read and comment. By commenting, other readers will see your link and possibly scroll over to your site and fall in love 🙂

4 Guest writing

Guest writing might seem similar to being featured, however it is quite different. Rather than submitting an article to a curated site you collaborate with another blogger. Normally it will work that you will have a post on their site, and they will have one on yours. By doing this, both your groups of followers will be exposed to the other influencer. For example, let’s just say you collaborate with someone and your article does well on their site. They’re followers will DEF check out your site and hopefully return again and again 🙂

5 Facebook

Do not underestimate the power of Facebook! In fact, the Female Entrepreneur Association was build on Facebook promotions! Not only can you leverage your blog’s Facebook page you can create targeted ads if you want to put a little money behind the marketing. This means you can specifically describe the person who is in your target market. If you don’t want to do the paid route, you can also join some really amazing Facebook groups to promote and share your material.



All in all, I still am going to use Instagram and enjoy it, I am still going to engage and grow my audience. However, I am not going to emotionally tie myself it and let it drag me down if I have some low engagement. I am ready for a new challenge and that just might be turning my focus to a different medium.


What are your thoughts? Do you use other ways of promoting your blog that are not listed above? Are you going to consider breaking up with Instagram?

Feel free to comment below if you want to learn more!


Happy breakup !

oxoxo annika



Images by Warren Cleland Photography

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breaking up with Instagram



  1. June 20, 2017 / 12:54 pm

    Girl!!! I loved reading this, it was like reading my own thoughts LOL. I couldnt agree more, giving this kind of emotional power to an APP of all things can be so damaging to our self esteem. Thanks for being so open about this!!

    • annika
      June 21, 2017 / 11:38 am

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read it Dee! I feel like so many of us feel this way but sometimes it is a little scary to put it all out there 🙂 We need to diversify!!!

      oxox annika

  2. June 20, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    I love the post. I have been taking a serious Instagram detox and have noticed such a change in my demeanour, overall positivity and how I go about my day. It is seriously liberating!

    xx Gabriella

    • annika
      June 21, 2017 / 11:40 am

      Thank so much for reading babe! You know its funny, I have heard of many people now taking this “insta-detox” and it sounds like a really positive thing! So happy it is working and improving your outlook, I think I need to give it a try as well!

      Hope to see you soon!!!


  3. July 11, 2017 / 5:07 am

    You picked great points for breaking up with instagram and i think for sharing blog content facebook and medium are good because they have enough traffic.

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