Skin rejuvenation and a quick face shave

Skin rejuvenation and a quick face shave


I had the most amazing facial treatment a couple weeks ago, do you remember my post on Instagram stories? Well I can now reveal where I went ūüôā

The Plastic Surgery Clinic!


Don’t be scared by the name, there was nothing invasive at all with my facial. The clinic does have a variety of different treatments but today we are talking Miracle 10 Peel. You all know how crazed I am about skincare and especially skincare for the face. I love trying new methods to stay young looking as long as possible!







So let’s break it down and what each step does:

They start the Miracle 10 Peel with either a Lactic or Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin. The levels of intensity completely depend on your skin type. The entire process is tailored to you, which is fantastic because let’s get real, one size NEVER fits all!

After the initial exfoliation is done, they use an enzyme scrub. I do love me some enzymes . . . they are proteins from fruit (mainly) that help essentially polish your skin. The scrub also includes an exfoliant so you are getting rid of dead skin cells and polishing up that beautiful face!

Next step¬†is where you get to R-E-L-A-X. A slightly chilly clay mask is applied to your face. There are some fun tingling sensations but the cooling affect that the clay has on your skin is quite welcome after all the scrubbing and polishing. The benefit of the clay is that it actually is balancing the PH levels in your skin which is great for keeping a fresh natural glow. When your PH is too high or low on your face is when you’re getting that crusty dry skin or¬†breaking out with acne. Another thing that happens if your PH is off is. . . ¬†wrinkles and saggy skin. . . no one wants that!

After the mask is removed some dermaplaning action occurs where they essentially SHAVE YOUR FACE! I loved this part because it is anti aging, wrinkle fighting, acne mitigating and fun to say that you got your face shaved!

All in all, I loved the entire process and I am super happy to have had it done prior to our jaunt down to Mexico!



My favs of the Miracle 10?

  • Each treatment is specific to your skin type. When you first visit one of their clinics they will ask a few questions regarding your skin;¬†this is all to create a unique treatment for you.
  • When the mud mask is on, the lights are dimmed and you can literally take a nap. I don’t know about you guys, but I am always lacking on downtime, so this little session of calm was very welcome. On top of that I had wet clay on my face so there was no way I could get up and start working on my phone >.< Forced calm! I love it!
  • The Fav winner?¬†DERMAPLANING! If you haven’t tried it, run to a clinic or spa and get it done ASAP. I have these baby hairs on my face that I really don’t like, after the dermaplaning magic was completed my face was¬†oh so smooth! There is of course the amazing added benefits that is is literally scraping off dead skin cells and baby hairs that cause your pores to clog. Dermaplaning also minimizes wrinkles ¬†. . . what’s not to love???


What are your thoughts? Do you go for regular facial treatments? Have you or would you ever shave your face? Feel free to ask questions below about any of the steps in the process! After the facial I got the Miracle 10 skincare set which I am using right now to extend the benefits. I will be sharing my little routine for morning and night!


Stay glowing!

oxox annika






  1. May 11, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    Let me know how your baby hairs grow back after the dermaplaning.
    I tried dermaplaning once and my baby hairs grew back…but felt like stubble – eeks! It did make my face feel incredibly smooth though.

    • annika
      May 11, 2017 / 6:50 pm

      Hi Megan, Thanks so much for taking a read! Good point! My baby hair fuzz was pretty fine to start but you bring up a good point! I will keep you updated – it has been a couple weeks already and I feel zero growth so far! I suppose an alternative to dermaplaning, thought it won’t give the skin care benefits, would be threading to get rid of those tiny hairs ūüôā

      oxox annika

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