The most important thing in your purse!

The most important thing in your purse!

We all love pretty purses! I mean, that might be the understatement of the century! I LIVE for my bags! Want to know a secret? There is something that you definitely SHOULD be carrying in your purse that isn’t cosmetic nor is it something to make your breathe fresher . . . but you should probably find a little pocket for those too right?

Well what is it you ask?




Having business cards packed away in your purse is like a lifesaver! I realize that some of you may be thinking that you are one step ahead by just inputting numbers into your phone rather than giving your business card. Welp – here are three reasons why you should be carrying business cards in your purse!


Inexpensive Marketing

Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or business person your business cards say something about YOU. Remember my post on your personal brand? Yup, you guessed it, these are part of that brand! The  way they look should reinforce your brand. The person you give them to starts to recognize your brand from this card. Another thing is that you can give this person two perhaps, tell them they can share your information if they think of someone who might be interested. It is a no pressure option but chances are they will think of someone to give that card to if you make a good impression!


Organic Networking

When you’re chatting with someone that you just met and the topic of work and specifically YOUR work comes up, it is a whole lot easier to share a business card rather than scrounging around for a pen and paper and a lot less invasive than sharing your direct phone number and watching them jot it in their phone. There is something so smooth and organic about sharing a crisp, polished looking card that oozes professionalism. Another great thing about sharing business cards is that they will come across it again after your conversation. If somehow you simply got them to look you up online or put your number in their phone there really is no reason they will happen upon your information right away again. With the card they will see your brand and your information again when they put their hand in their pocket.


Boss Appearance

Whether you feel organized or not in your business or career (I sure hope you do) by having business cards you look like a BOSS! Image is KEY! When you’re first meeting someone this is your first impression on them. If this impression is fumbling for words or scratching down notes to give them, it just doesn’t give the air of a professional. If you’re networking or doing some business development for your hustle you definitely want them to see you as organized and on the ball otherwise they might not trust you to to do business. Having the cards is just one more step in creating your reputation of being prepared.


What do you think? Do you keep business cards with you at all times? I like to carry two sets; one for blog and one for my 9-5. As someone who has two hustles on the go, I like to be prepared in both cases. As I am chatting and getting to know the new person I can gauge as to which hustle I should pitch.


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Final Tip

The big question many people have is when to give their business cards! Many people think that it is tough to find a way to work it in organically. My suggestion would be to trust your intuition. For example, for the blog, as soon as people ask me the name of my blog I will respond with, “here let me give you a card, it is called Fernweh Society”. This way they can actually SEE the name as I say it, which will likely make it stick a lot better. For my 9-5, if we are getting on that topic, I will share the name ahead of time as it is easier to remember. As the conversation continues I will say, “why don’t we get together for a coffee to chat some more about this, here is my card”, which then creates a new opportunity to chat with this person again.


If you don’t have business cards for your blog PLEASE go get some made right now. If you don’t carry your 9-5 business cards you SHOULD; add a stack in your purse ASAP!


Happy Networking!

oxox annika




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