Burnout – the real deal

Burnout – the real deal


One of my goals going into my second year of blogging is to share more about my life and what I am going through, fingers crossed you are interested in it 🙂 If not, I might as well give up now >.<


I feel like part of the reason (hopefully) that many people follow a blog is because they feel connected with the blogger themselves, I know that is why I read a few blogs religiously, I feel connected with that person. This year I want to really find a better way to CONNECT WITH YOU! Please never hesitate to reach out, send messages, tweets, Instagram, Snapchats or anything, I get back to each and every message!


The big thing today. . . . – BURNOUT – dare I say it, the struggle is REAL! Lately life has gotten out of control! We have had so many large life events in the past couple of months that I feeling burned out for sure!

Both Dustin and I have relatively new jobs, in addition to this, we had to through the seemingly endless process of test-driving and finding a car. CHECK that was done. After that we had to start the journey of finding a new place to live! It is crazy how much work goes into finding an apartment or house even if you’re still renting! We saw so many properties, in different boroughs and cities and finally settled on the one that we just moved into! If you have been following on Instagram stories you would have seen our many boxes and moving ‘fun’; thank goodness for family to help us out!

In addition to all of that which seems like too much already, last week we got to celebrate Dustin’s brother’s wedding with his (now) wife in Mexico! It was such a great time, but of course it meant we had to pack our suitcases and all of our boxes before leaving the country!

With all of these amazing life events I am still strategizing for the blog and planning a new business launch for the fall/winter 2017 (STAY TUNED)!



How to determine burnout you might ask? Well according to Psychology Today it is a lil too much going on if you know what I mean. It leads to:

  • Physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Detachment
  • Feelings of inadequacy

Needless to say nothing good comes from burnout.

Some signs you might be burned out or well on your way?

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Forgetfulness – lack of concentration
  • Anxiety
  • Physical pain such as headaches, stomach issues or illness

There are so many other things that can be a sign of burnout and it is definitely best to address them when they crop up! Once the full on burnout actually hits the negative effects are dreadful. It can take a long time to get back to feeling ‘normal’.





How am I dealing with my burnout?

Well I think everyone will overcome a burnout in a different way. For me I think I have just loosened the proverbial reigns a little. Not so unlike many other bloggers and entrepreneurs, I can be really hard on myself. It isn’t just like this in blogging and growing a business but in everything I do; I put a lot of pressure on myself. The last few weeks, especially with the increased LIFE activity I have let myself do blog posts on days that wouldn’t be my regular schedule *cough cough* like this one. . . . or I had a week or two where I did only one blog post instead of two. Sometimes I feel like I am ‘failing’ if I don’t stick to my regular schedule, but at the same time I have felt myself reaching a complete point of exhaustion.

Other things that can help?

  • Taking time for calmer things – for me, this means instead of getting straight to work when I get up early in the morning I have been trying to be more deliberate of talking Karlsson for a walk outside. The exercise, nature and his goofiness is an amazing remedy 🙂
  • Since getting insanely busy a few months back I have taken MANY ‘A BATHS. I love just soaking for awhile with some nice epsom salts or a bath bomb. The relaxation and time that is ‘unplugged’ calms me down.
  • Vacations and staycations are good things to help you out of burnout. Even though our last trip to Mexico was full of activity and not really downtime, it was amazing because it was a switch up from the routine which was getting too much. We could nap, have a drink mid-day and spend time with friends and family which is so important.

If anyone reading this is feeling remotely close to reaching a burnout point – DO SOMETHING NOW! Burnout is really not good for your and should be mitigated at all costs! My plan moving forward? Well I am thinking I need to start implementing some systems and processes in my life for building the blog and growing the brand. I will report back on how I do it!


Have a beautiful, stress free day <3

oxox annika





  1. June 1, 2017 / 1:19 am

    Loved your post. Omg and I totally feel you on the burnout. I am literally going through THE SAME THING but on a different schedule. I am currently in the process of selling my house and looking for a new house back in Toronto AND starting a new job next month….thankfully I don’t have to attend any weddings outside of the country 🙈 You seem to have handled it all well fyi. Sometimes its just good to not have full control of blogging and let our schedules just be. That helps with inspiration too when you get back on the grind! But yes the burnout is real. Always good to make “you” time during it all! 🙂

    Sweet as Fiction xx

    • annika
      June 1, 2017 / 11:41 am

      Zivanka, thank you so much for reading! I am so happy that the post resonated with you as well. I feel that so many people are going through burnout, however they either don’t realize it or they push the signs away. Hopefully now you can make active choices to help yourself get out of the slump that burnout causes!
      Thanks also for saying I have dealt with it well, haha, I feel like it has been a slow build and all of a sudden imploded! Take time for you, good luck on your move and your new job! Exciting times 🙂 oxox

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