Holiday Inspired Clothing – What’s fueling me for Summer

Holiday Inspired Clothing – What’s fueling me for Summer
Hello, Hello! It is finally spring! Well I guess it has been spring technically for awhile however the weather is really only starting to act like it in the last couple days 🙂 I don’t know about you but this warm weather has got me feeling inspired for SUMMER! At the change of season I like to re-assess my closet situation. I like to purchase a few things for the upcoming season as well as donate things that I haven’t worn in over a year (or sometimes six months depending on the piece)! For the ‘purging part’ take a look at a post I did last year on The Four Step Guide to a Calculated Wardrobe 🙂 This also reminds me that I have HUGE NEWS! At the end of this month it will be my one year blogging anniversary! I have a special post coming up at the beginning of May for that so definitely keep an eye out or sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss it!

Back to clothing, because that is really the star of the show here! As things are coming out in stores I am thinking about what I want my ‘theme’ to be this summer. You don’t really need a seasonal theme, but it definitely makes finding those key pieces and new purchases that much easier and cohesive. As I was scrolling through endless pages of AMAZING new things I wanted (SO MANY THINGS – this season stores are on point!) I thought about our upcoming trip to Mexico . . .  hahah yes, this is the third and final trip that we are taking to Mexico for awhile! Perhaps I should do a roundup post on Mexico – what do you think? Each time we went for a different reason, first was spur of the moment, next was a family get-together and this time it is a wedding! In any case I thought I would channel my holiday vibes for Mexico all summer! After this was decided I was utterly inspired, and scrolling through even more sites. I wanted to share with you my top inspiration for my trip before I make some purchases and re-work my wardrobe for this summer 🙂



You might be able to guess this before I even mention it but guess what I have SUPER FAIR skin. Haha, obvious much? Well, because of this and my light hair, I also burn SUPER easily. I have been on too many holidays where I end up getting sun stroke ( or a version of it ) where the sun will make me feel sick! To mitigate this I NEED to wear a hat much of the time. If I need to wear one, it BEST look adorable; am I right???  I am dying over the pompoms this season and I have an everlasting obsession with the cursive writing along the brim . . . I will keep you posted as to what I get 🙂




I love wearing a beautiful dress, pretty much all year long. Come summer however a dress is a KEY piece in my wardrobe. It is instantly chic, nice and breezy for the humid summer days and a quick outfit to pack for any last minute trip! As we have seen the off the shoulder trend is not going anywhere which I think many people are happy about. I am loving a good comfortable, breezy linen piece to take me through the summer.



Now on the topic of bathing suits, can one ever have enough??? I feel like my measly couple of suits is just not going to cut it! I am feeling really inspired this season by the scalloped edges on the suits as well as getting adventurous with different straps – one shoulder, criss crossed and halters are all making their way into the trends. I definitely will have to restrain myself to only add a couple into the mix this summer.




Here we are now at every woman’s obsession! The bag 🙂 I may be one of the only people at this point that does not have the Cult Gaia bag or a straw tote! In assessing all of my options I think I might be heavily leaning towards a cute beach tote with some accented pompoms! Heck, maybe I will do a little DIY – would you guys be interested to have a post on how to make your own DIY pompom tote? In the collage above I am really diggin’ the black and white tasseled tote – well, we shall see what I end up getting 🙂



No outfit is complete without some carefully curated details like some tassel earrings or a costume necklace! As you can see the dresses shown above were all relatively solid in color and fairly neutral. The dress and much of the other clothing inspo below acts as a neutral base for all the colourful accessories (jewelry, bags and shoes). Okay so these earrings – the fuchsia ones are really drawing me in  as well as that gorgeous emerald fan set! Summer and especially on holiday is a time you can push the limits a little more 😉




PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – SUMMER TRENDS INCLUDE COMFY SHOES!!! How amazing is that haha, of course summer always includes sandals but take a look; chunky heels, mules and loafers are leading the pack of which I am totally down for! Think about long summer walks in the city or along the water, you want to be comfy and cute and I think these colourful and detailed shoes are winners! My personal fav? I would have to say the pompom mules in the top right – I can’t get over the wooden heels and the beautiful details!





Linen pants and shorts, rompers and skirts! I have never been a huge fan of booty shorts but maybe that is just me 🙂 The light blues and blush pinks are showing up all over this inspo post it seems 🙂 The stripes are also getting some show time front and centre. I love those long striped pants and romper 🙂 I feel like a romper is like a dress! A full outfit all on its own and easy to pack. My other love on this page is the AMAZING pineapple skirt!!!! The midi length is perfect and the pattern keeps the skirt unique. I am definitely going to consider getting something like this!



Last but definitely not least we need some cute tops to go with these outfits! I love to wear high waisted shorts, pants and skirts pretty much all year round but summer included. With the high waisted look you can rock a crop top style without feeling self conscious or exposing more than you’re comfortable with. It actually ends up working pretty well as with longer shirts and high waisted bottoms tend to bunch in unwanted places – so test out a crop top!



*PHEW* that was quite a few options! What are you feeling most inspired by this summer season? I would love to hear what your top picks are for inspiration and if you make any cute purchases!!! Also – did I miss anything for amazing summer options? Let me know in the comments and I will check it out ASAP!

Happy Shopping!

oxox annika






  1. April 11, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    All great selections – so many to choose from.

    • annika
      April 15, 2017 / 1:50 pm

      I agree!!!! I don’t know which I want to buy 🙂 oxox annika

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