What to get your Mum for Mother’s day!

What to get your Mum for Mother’s day!

I feel like I am am not alone when I say I LOVE getting stuff in the mail! Okay, not bills and that sort of thing but letters and packages 🙂 I remember even in elementary and high school, heck even in university I would have pen pals or use snail mail to simply keep in touch with old friends from all around then world. Let’s face it, letters are much more exciting than emails 🙂 I think things have been moving in the direction of post anyway right? People are getting subscriptions for little luxuries, everyday items as well as ordering a heck of a lot online and getting it delivered to the front door. . . so why are we not doing this for gifts?


All that said Mother’s Day is coming up fast! I can imagine that many of us no long live a super close distance from our parents and always are at a loss of ideas when the special day rolls around. Flowers and home made cards are always nice, but guess what, I bet your mom would REALLY like one of these Giftie Boxes. This idea came to me when I got my first box, check it out!





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5 reasons why you should consider giving a Giftie Box for Mother’s Day

  1. They will handle all the packaging and shipping – you don’t even have to worry about it looking beautiful, they worry about that for you! You also don’t need to worry if you’re not going to see your mom on the actual day. You can have it shipped ahead of time and let her know to open the day of 🙂
  2. Your mom would likely appreciate getting some of the super chic and trendy items – HELLO procecco gummy bears! She loves your little home made crafts but she might also love the spa box or maybe this is for a friend and she is a new mom, they have a box for that too!
  3. If you’re super behind, they can accommodate rushed orders; you just have to ask! No one will know that you were late to the game 😉 Shhhhhh
  4. You can add personal messages on ADORABLE cards!
  5. And finally – YOU look like an absolute super-star child who knows exactly what to get your mom (or or another special mother in your life)!


What do you think guys? I feel slightly obsessed with my little surprise box, I think I might go have some of those prosecco gummy bears right now . . .


Happy ordering!

oxox annika



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