Interview with Hustle chick Maca from

Interview with Hustle chick Maca from

Are you all ready for a feature of an another amazing girlboss who is absolutely killin’ it? Enter stage right; MACA!!!


Maca, thank you so much for doing my interview! I have to say the past months I have become more and more obsessed with your colourful Instagram and blog!

Firstly, can you tell the readers of Fernweh Society more about you and HeyMaca

Hey, I’m Maca! A lifestyle blogger living in Montreal chasing the light, colours and good food around the city. I’m a momma of two little ones, Nico and Olivia and I’m a sucker for shoes (who isn’t?), lemonades, skirts and a good brunch.

Haha, I had to laugh in chasing the light, we are all guilty of that! So tell me what inspired you to start HeyMaca?

I honestly wasn’t planning HeyMaca at-all. When I had my first baby Nicolas 4 years ago, during my mat leave I was so bored I thought, maybe I’ll just open a blog and post cute pics there, right? BOOM! 4 years later, HeyMaca is my passion, my creative outlet and little tiny heaven where I have lots, LOTS of fun.

So you are well seasoned at this point! What is your favourite thing about blogging & on the flip-side what is your least favourite thing?

I’d say I have a lots of favourite things about blogging. Since we moved to Canada (7 years ago) I’ve been living Montreal as a true tourist and I deeply love every little corner of it. I love showing all the cute finds, best things to do and how to have a fun city life in Montreal to my followers. Planning content, doing a lot of research and taking the time to create the perfect shot are my favourite blogger moments.

My least? I wish I could have 48 hrs a day so I could blog MORE. (:



I can speak for all of us; WE LOVE YOUR INSTAGRAM!!! How did you grow your following? Any tips for the readers of Fernweh Society?

AW my gosh! Thank you (and I love YOURS!) 🙂 Well, to be 225% honest, I’ve been working my a** off the past few months to grow my engagement and IG account. Everything you see in there is planned (: and I have to confess, I have a serious Instagram OCD.

Every single morning, I plan what’s the next post, research caption ideas and plan my specific hashtags. I’d say you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort and it’s the most amazing reward, eva!

It is so true, it takes time and persistence! Who are some bloggers that you follow and why?

I support and follow all my Canadian lifestyle and fashion fellow bloggers and I believe we’re growing a community that I absolutely adore. For daily inspiration, I love some colourful accounts like @rclayton, @ananewyork and my ultimate favourite New York mama @taza.

What do you like to do in your spare time Maca. . .  if you have any ☺ ?

Brunch, brunch and yes, brunch! I love discovering new places in the city, taking my little ones to fun activities, eating out and coffee are my favourite sports. We also try to plan trips and road trips often, sharing and discovering little hidden treasures with my family.

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? What are your goals for HeyMaca in the next year and perhaps longer term?

HeyMaca is my baby and I hope we can grow together in the short and long term. My goal is to help Montrealers love our city even more and to show it to the rest of the world. I want to show all the pretty little corners that we have in our city through city guides and content you can enjoy with your boyfriend/girlfriend, family and best friends!

I love it! Okay, so on the fashion side which you’re so good at how would you describe your personal style? Has it changed over the years/if so how?

My personal style? One word, FUN! I believe in colours and bold combinations. I think my style has evolved so much over the years especially after having my second baby. I had to adjust my new body figure as a real momma over here.

Well, I know I can speak for many when I say we LOVE your style! To end off here if you could suggest one post for a new person to read on your site, which would it be?

AAAAHHH! I can’t! Just check, you won’t regret it 🙂


It is so true guys! Go check out Maca’s site for fashion inspo and good daily dose of recos of amazing places to eat! Thanks again to Maca!


Happy Reading my lovelies!

oxox annika






  1. Maca
    March 16, 2017 / 11:47 am

    Love love love this! Thank you for having me my babe, you’re the best!

    • annika
      March 16, 2017 / 10:27 pm

      THANK YOU BABE!!!!

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