Hair Trends of 2017 – change your look & change your life

Hair Trends of 2017 – change your look & change your life

Is it just me or every time I want to make big change in my life, normally I start with my hair? I feel like I am not alone there! Recently you would have seen on my Instagram  that I went purple with L’Oreal! This was what I needed to get past the last little stretch of winter (although it seems to be making an encore these days in Toronto)!

By request from some lovely readers, I wanted to share some behind the scenes! So here is my little transformation!




I find that hair styles and colors are an amazing thing!  To be honest, I never use to think that I would have the guts to go purple, but in fact I actually really LOVED the color. I wanted to share some of the hair trends coming out in 2017; some new and some are continued classics that we have seen for awhile.




Icy Blonde

This trend has been around for awhile and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! My only caution would be that you FIND A GOOD HAIR STYLIST!!! I loved going icy blonde, however, my experience was less than ideal. Any chance you would want to hear a post on my experience and how I am getting my hair healthy again? Let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram.


This is something I really want to be able to do this year, but I have to grow out my hair a little bit. The Lob and the bob are sticking around for 2017 as a chic, fashionista hair cut.

Ice Cream Colors

We started seeing more alternative colors in the mainstream beauty regime in 2016, and now we are seeing even more. Ice cream colors are those vibrants and soft pastels (essentially all the very obviously non-natural tones 🙂 ).


hair trends of 2017

hair trends of 2017



This trend is sticking around this year and is a continued classic.

Hair Jewelry

If you don’t feel like cutting your hair or dying it, there is always a simple change of adding a little bling. Test out barrettes, clips and headbands with a little ‘something-somthing’ to give your look an update!

Bridgette Bardot Bangs

These bangs are GORGEOUS. My only tip is that you need to know how to style them properly, otherwise you look like you need a hair cut. This is a great option for someone who is growing out there bangs and is tired of pinning them back 🙂

Wet Look

The wet look can be incorporated for hair that is down or in a pony/bun. Test out the products that looks best with your hair. This style is definitely for a night out, not so ideal for your day job 😉

Braided Buns

BRUNCH ATTIRE calls for braided buns and braided pony-tails! The braid is great going up the back of your head, though you might need some help doing it. It is also a great detail on the side or top! I think here is another style you can use if you’re growing your hair out. The braided back will let you style without clipping the shorter hair that won’t reach your pony/bun.

Pin Straight

We are seeing a switch from va-va-voom hair to the pin straight. This look is great on the extra long locks all the way to the lob, just make sure your hair is healthy otherwise this can become a fly-away disaster.

The Flip

Tired of the centre or side parts, do THE FLIP. The flip is super simple. First style your hair with a centre part, this will ensure that the flip has volume. Then use your hands to work through your hair and literally flip it to one side 🙂

Color Melting

This is a newish term, but we have seen the effects of this style. At first it looks like an ombre or balayage style. This one however melts many colors together; highlights, lowlights and roots. It gives a very dynamic look that is full of texture.


BRONDE is where it is at! Although silver and platinum blonde are still popular, bronde (brown / blonde) is making waves. A nice warm, honey tone for summer might be the way to go.

Grey Hair

Grey hair is another trend that is not dying this year. Grey has been big and will continue to show up on fashionistas globally. As mentioned above, ensure that you are seeing a worthy stylist who knows what they are doing otherwise extreme color changes like this can wreak havoc on your hair’s health.


Like the Ice cream colors, metallics are the non-natural look. Think icy grey tones, blues and purples. Anything that has the shiny finish.

Rose Gold

This trend looks like a lot of fun! We have seen rose gold in jewelry for the last few seasons, and now it is making its way to our hair!!! If you’re a blonde, consider trying this in a wash out for temporary color adventure!

Pink Tips

It doesn’t matter what color hair you have pink tips are a definite YAS! If you have long hair and are considering a snip snip, why not try pink tips first? A simple process of lightening the ends and adding a pink (blush, hot, fuchsia) will be a fun look going into the warmer months!


Are you excited to try any of these? Please let me know in the comments or on Instagram which one you are going for! I would love to see the results. My thing now is I can’t really decide which trend I want to try next, any suggestions???


Happy Expiramenting!

oxox annika


Body copy and header image by Warren Cleland Photography



hair trends of 2017


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