Travel essentials to make your trip feel a little more luxe

Travel essentials to make your trip feel a little more luxe

I think it is safe to say that we all would love to travel first class, complete with champagne and warm cashews all the time. Well, I don’t know about you guys but unfortunately for me that is not always possible.

You know, gotta keep it budget from time to time (most of the time)

This does not mean that you can’t be comfy and chic when travelling however, nope! I have some tippy-tips to make your jetset adventure feel a little more luxe! Bottom line is just being prepared, which can make all the difference, these travel essentials are super simple!

Let’s put these into a few categories: Pre-flight, In flight and Destination. There are things to bring / things you can do for each category that will make your jaunt away seem a little more elite, even if you have cheap seats and are stuck in the back.



It may seem counter intuitive but I would HIGHLY recommend to travel using a carry on. You all know I did a post about it here, but I have perfected my craft even more since then! Realistically, there are times when you need to check the bag, but with all the inconvenience around it, it is much better to just bring a carry on. Think about all the time spent waiting in line for checking the bag, dropping off the bag, and then guess what you’re waiting again at the carousel to pick up the bag on the other side. Combine all this waiting time with paying the baggage fee then think about fumbling around like a crazy person because you can’t carry all your stuff! By the way, you won’t likely end up wearing all these things! (Am I right? normally on a trip you wear the same few things over and over >.<). With a carry on, you are sleek, smooth, in and out of the plane in no time. Take the money you you spent on baggage fees and have a glass of bubbly pre-boarding 😉

Another life-saver . . . NEXUS! For all my North American readers out there, Nexus is a MUST! It makes you feel fancy because you’re not standing in line sweating like a little piggy. Picture this, you check in from home (please tell me everyone does this before getting to the airport. I am lucky because normally Dustin does this for both of us 🙂 ) and then you arrive at the airport, of course in your chic travel attire. You swiftly walk through the Nexus line and have your chic little carry on with you. No hassle & no waiting! Sounds pretty amazing to me!




Now that you’re all comfy in your seat, at least I hope you are, I have had some less-than-desirable seats in my travels, you can sit back and relax. For the plane I would suggest a few travel essentials and a couple bonus items!

Essentials – The absolute MUSTS

Snacks –

Bring your own, or at least a couple to supplement in case you don’t get what you want on the plane. Lately I have been loving jerky and coconut chips! They come in tiny sachets, which are excellent for throwing into your bag. The other benefit, you won’t be eyeing up those chemical filled brownies during flight! I also like to bring a few extras for my destination, let’s just say I like snacks, and it is better to have something on hand so I don’t get hangry as soon as we land haha.

Socks –

I NEED good thick socks during the flight. This is especially key for longer flights as I don’t want to wear constricting shoes the entire time, but I definitely don’t want to be going barefoot walking up and down the aisle to the WC. The other thing is airplane temperature is so unpredictable, so you might actually get cold during the flight, a good pair of fluffy socks helps me sleep!

Sleeping mask –

I think this one is self explanatory but think about a situation when you are dead tired due to time zone differences and your seat mate decides that it is a great time to walk Sex and the City for the 600th time (wait that could be ME in the seat next to you . . .). Pop on your sleeping mask and you should be good to go, this will prevent in flight arguments about light!

Lip balm & hand cream –

We all know that airplane air is DRY as ever! I always feel like a crocodile during and after flight. Bring your fav. lip balm and hand cream and apply throughout the flight and you will actually mitigate that crackly feeling when you arrive at your destination.

Bonus – The secondary MUSTS

Water bottle –

Okay this might seem a little unnecessary as you get cups of water on the plane, but def consider buying a water bottle post security, and I am talking a BIG ONE. I hate waiting for them to come around and give me water. The other thing is that if I don’t gulp it all down in one go I run the risk of spilling because I want to put up my tray table. Grab a water bottle and finish it (or finish it and refill it) before the flight ends. You will skip that dry dehydrated feeling as well as have freedom with your tray table!

Scarf or cardigan –

See temperature issue mentioned above, you might want to bring something to stay a little cozy, TRUST me, you WILL use it at some point during the flight, even if you’re travelling in summer.

Travel sized tooth paste –

For longer flights, I have started bringing travel sized toothpaste and a toothbrush in my carry on. This is a game changer! Brushing my teeth before I sleep on the plane and just before we land makes me feel refreshed and ensures I don’t kill someone with yucky plane breath!


travel essentials

travel essentials

travel essentials


You have arrived at your destination and to you hotel, friend’s place or AirBnb! You’re tired and ready to chill. On our last trip we stayed at a HomeAway house which was incredible! I brought a few travel essentials with me and they made it that much more luxe.

My own housecoat was an afterthought at the time, but I am so happy I brought it. I realize that in many hotels there are those HUGE, starchy housecoats, which are okay. Think about it though, nothing  beats your gorgeous silk or satin one that you brought from home, and you look chic, not like the abominable snowman! Add these furry delights of house slippers along to it and you have yourself a chic, comfy lounge outfit!

My last items for your destination are sheet masks and under eye masks! THESE-ARE-AMAZING! I was feeling insanely tired when we got to Edmonton because we really only slept for a few hours during our travels. After showering I popped on a sheet mask and after that these magic  (not really but felt like it >.<) under eye masks! If you follow on IG stories you def know the ones! My face looked almost better than pre-flight haha. Bringing these are super simple to pack but you are so happy when you have them, doing a quick mask makes the home rental feel like a spa. Apply them and then listen to some soothing music before the activities of your trip begin 🙂


I hope you found these little tippy-tips useful! What types of travel essentials do you pack to make your trip more luxurious I would LOVE to know! Feel free to email or comment below to ask questions or let me know your travel items!


Happy Packing!

OXOX annika



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