Styling a chic bar cart

Styling a chic bar cart



I can get a little obsessed. Haha I bet anyone reading this who knows me personally is likely thinking, welp, nothing new here! It is more like once I get an idea in my head, it NEEDS to happen. . .  like yesterday! I mentioned the same thing when I wrote about my hair cut, same deal, except that this time  all of a sudden I absolutely had the urge to update our bar cart!

. . . A little backstory on our beautiful bar cart. It was a couple months before my birthday, Dustin and I had been together perhaps almost a year at this point. I got this idea in my head again (no surprise here) that I needed a bar cart! I found the most beautiful one on Kijiji but in my mind it was too much money (it wasn’t crazy expensive but def. more than I wanted to spend). I was pining over this silly thing 😛 I told Dustin about it, and then all of a sudden one day when I was scouring Kijiji I went back to pine some more and it wasn’t there 🙁 A couple months later lo and behold Dustin had bought it and stored it for a couple months at a friends place! I was overjoyed :). . .


Back to the present; what makes a good bar cart? How should it be styled? Does it depend on the time of year?

To this I wish share some key components of curating a pinterest worthy bar cart!


styling a chic bar cart

1 Deco

I know it sounds silly but for a bar cart to look its best it can’t be ‘all practical’. There needs to be some pure decoration. The best forms of this I have found to be a stack of pretty books and some blooms 🙂 The flowers can be swapped with changing seasons. If you don’t want to buy flowers on the reg get an extra nice vase with some faux fleurs like this one. For the books, try and stick to the theme of your house/living room. We have whites, creams and black, so lots of neutrals. The books are white with minimal high voltage colors; same with the color of the flowers. I also like the idea of stacked books and flowers on top, or you can skip the blooms and get some cute book ends. Just be sure that the deco part of the bar card doesn’t take over, we still need to be mixin’ some drinks over here!

2 Drink mix area

So I have been dying to get one of those pineapple drink shakers!!! However, I do try and hold myself back sometimes (rarely but sometimes). I need to otherwise I will just become a string of trendy items…Anywhos, the next section is the drink mixin’ area! Set out a couple glasses, have your few bottles of alcohol (I like odd numbers) and of course the actual drink shaker! I like to set these up as if on display. If you don’t even like mixed drinks, switch this up. For example, if you strictly only drink vino, set out two wine glasses on a tray, have a little holder with a cork screw and a bottle of vino ready to go, tahdah!

styling a chic bar cart

styling a chic bar cart

styling a chic bar cart

styling a chic bar cart

styling a chic bar cart


You likely have gathered at this point if you follow on Instagram or Snapchat or just read my blog, I like my bubbly 🙂 I feel that you don’t need some external reason to enjoy a little champagne. Celebrate life, celebrate the weekend, heck celebrate your half birthday who cares 🙂 I think having an ice bucket with a bottle of bubbly ready to go is ideal! You never know when someone is coming over and a bottle of sparkle instantly classes things up. Keep in mind, even if you’re not having bubbly an ice bucket is good to have filled when drinks are being had, you don’t really want to run to the freezer every time you make a drink; do you?


4 Citrus

These babies are so multi-purpose; Lemons & Limes! They are decorative and add a nice hint of bright color, they are great for a quick mixed drink and lastly see item 5, not everyone drinks, so add these to some sparkling water and you’re covered!



Haha this time the sparkle is water, but sparkle none-the-less. I don’t think anything is more refreshing than sparking mineral water with a lemon or lime. Keep this water on hand for those guests who don’t drink 🙂


I think I will switch things up again in the summer, maybe do a different mixed drink on top, change up the glasses, change the flowers and books? What are your thoughts? What do you keep on your barcart?


Okay time to crack this bubbly!

OXOX annika



styling a chic bar cart


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