How to look chic and professional 9-5

chic and professional


Chic and Profession for your 9-5

Hello lovlies! So there is something that I think about A LOT! Some might say, coffee. . . sweets. . . traveling? Ugh, yes, yes, yes all those are true, but this one hopefully is going to actually turn into a benefit for YOU! I think about how I can look chic yet uber boss at work.

I have had endless conversations with friends, colleagues and randoms about how to dress professional yet not be wearing a ‘working girl’ suit from the 1980’s. RIGHT – like what girlboss doesn’t want to look powerful, timelessly chic and have a hint of glam. Don’t worry, it IS possible!

Okay, so I have put together 5 separate looks (well 5.5 if you count a little blazer trick 🙂 )


Les Outfits


chic and professional


Every girl needs a boss suit! I honestly <3 suits! I am sure you have all heard that we need to discover our own work “uniform” to create some ease while getting dressed in the morning? Well, a ballin’ suit is mine. Let me walk you through how this works and balances out the perfect amount of chic and pro:

1 A simple red lip adds a nice feminine touch to an otherwise traditionally masculine outfit. Simple make up with a red lip goes a long way – ask the French 😉

2 Costume jewelry is another way to add feminine texture to your outfit. This necklace was my grandmother’s and I love it dearly. The necklace is naturally layered and has various types of beads. It also fills in the scooped v-neck top that I am wearing to cover a little of the skin – we are def. not wanting to show too much of this in the office!

3 THE BLAZER – Obviously the blazer is a key component to a kick-ass suit. I definitely love it when I can get pants and blazer that come together, but I am not always that lucky, and it is okay as long as the color matches. This blazer I love because it fits my bust line properly so I can button it closed (even if I never plan on it 😛 ). I also love a blazer that ends around my hips as it is nice and slimming – none of this cropped, boxy business! It is hard to tell in this light but the blazer is actually tuxedo inspired and the lapels are slightly shiny, which adds nice visual texture.

4 A clean white top is a STAPLE – run to the store and get one NOW!

5 Since I am in a suit, I wanted shoes that were very BOSS BABE. The platform on the ball of the foot makes me feel that the shoes are not that high and keeps my feet comfy 🙂 The color is not in your face but definitely adds another element of interest!

chic and professional

chic and professional

First Lady Outfit

It is key to have a well fitting, comfortable dress in your arsenal.

1 The matching pearl necklace and bracelet bring together the theme of this look as very feminine. These are also just good to have around for classin’ up any outfit.

2 Navy is the twin sister of black – get some navy in your closet! Again, blazer ending at the hips for slimming effects!

3 OKAY – Love this dress, the fabric is slightly stretchy, glides across the body and has this frilly detail on the bottom, but isn’t too over the top. Love love love!

4 Open a new tab (after finishing the post of course 🙂 ) and get yourself a pair of nude pumps. They elongate the leg for those with light skin, of course whatever your skin tone get some pumps that are in that colour family and you will have legs for days!

Remove the blazer and your off to drinks!


chic and professional

Frills and Gold

Another feminine outfit with the light colors and skirt, but has a nice balance of frill and structure.

1 This top was an amazing find! It looks like silk but is machine washable! Sometimes I like to wear it buttoned up all the way for a victorian look, however in this outfit a couple buttons undone keeps it more casual. The frill of the top is nice because you don’t always want everything tight against your ‘womanly silhouette’ if you know what I mean.

2 PATTERN – Not everyone loves pattern and I get it. I use to not be that much of a color/pattern girl. I like this skirt as there are only two colors. The tweed fabric also hides any flaws, which can’t be said for all pencil skirts! The color and pattern of this skirt is fairly neutral, coupled with it being a straight pencil (rather than frilly or a-line); it balances the frills on the top. BALANCE IS KEY!

3 You cannot see my other hand but I have the same bracket there; gold cuffs on each. Consider this next time you go shopping. Two bracelets can add great detail to an otherwise plain white shirt. Though gold, the bracelets are not dainty, so it combines some needed weight to the airy shirt.

4 These pumps again – they can be used in all outfits!

chic and professional


Risky Business (attire)

1 I cannot tell you how much I love this blazer. Backstory: I saw it when I was living in Germany, and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it with no where to wear it. When I got back to Canada I literally RAN over to the store and bought it – no questions asked. I dreamed about it for 5 months before buying >.<

Anyways, this blazer is definitely over the line for some but I have managed to wear this to work on multiple occasions. My rule is if I have client meetings I don’t wear this blazer, otherwise it is fair game 🙂

2 The blush pink top seriously balances out the severity of this blazer and adds some needed soft tones.

3 I like to match the bottoms with the blazer to continue the idea of a suit (as mentioned above). One can easily dress with pants that compliment but are not the same color, and in that case wear a shirt that is VERY neutral and don’t add too many accessories.

4 These are actually wedges (which you cannot see). They are super comfy to wear all day; as wedges are 🙂 Best to keep some on hand!

chic and professional

Lady in RED

There might be some gasps but read on about balance yet again!

1 The dress has a very high collar so you don’t want to complicate things too much. This choker is very regal and simple and fills in the area nicely.

2 RED dress – Yes it is RED! Like FIRE ENGINE RED! I <3 it! I don’t wear this all the time, but sometimes I definitely do! The dress is a vibrant color, so go easy on all accessories. It is tight, but balances because it is high collared, long sleeved and knee length. All things balance 🙂

3 I love this bag because it is small enough that I don’t pack it too full however big enough that I can fit my agenda and all office items I need while visiting clients. Try to find a purse that works for you that won’t fit your laptop, if your laptop is in there, it is too heavy, too big and in no way comfortable.

4 . . .  these shoes again 🙂


Chic Summary

1 Get a suit that you feel bossbabe in!

2 Balance everything (feminine/masculine – colors – shapes – lengths)

3 Be confident in your outfit! If you’re not, it will be questioned

4 Get a pair of nude pumps

5 Style is about layers – create visual texture!

I hope you found this useful and are ready to push a few limits at work! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comment below! Just so you know I HAVE worn every single one of these outfits to work, in case you were wondering 🙂

Stay Chic girlbosses!

OX annika


Photos by Warren Cleland


chic and professional


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