How to beat writer’s block and create amazing content

How to beat writer’s block and create amazing content


I have just only begun my journey as a blogger and creative in the whole grand scheme of things; my one year is coming up in April woohoo! However, every time I get together with other creatives the same topic comes up:



This is a scary thing for a blogger, novelist or any other creative that needs to come up with new topics on a daily or weekly basis. I think the stressful part of it is that you KNOW that there are 13950y2395 things to write about, and you’re always thinking of things you want to post but then when it comes down to it, and you need to stay on schedule, somehow your mind – goes – blank!

To be honest I think it is just the pressure of having to create content, when the pressure is not on that is when you’re free and thinking of things, jotting notes down and feeling so proud that you have all these amazing ideas that everyone will love! I want to share my tippy-tips for all you creatives out there how to get beat writer’s block and come out with even better content 🙂

How to BEAT writer’s block

1 Solve a problem 

Think about this logically, the times that I devour a blog post of someone else’s is when I am actually struggling with something or having an issue! So why not try to solve someone’s issue or at least help them solve it? Value is the key to a successful blog post; provide value, gain audience. Now you might be wondering what issue you want to solve. How I try and brainstorm is very organic. If I have an issue or I am chatting with friends about something use that as inspiration! My post on Korean skincare was created based on my own curiosity and the post on interviewing was due to a conversation with a friend! Try and be aware of all the curiosity surrounding you and get inspired!

2 Make a list

Everyone loves a good list; as least I do 🙂 Lists are a fun and low commitment scroll for the readers of your blog. Top cities to travel to, best coffee houses or simply the most amazing pink jackets for this season; all very shareable in list form! You can get really creative with the images in the post, heck do some video content, a list will never cease to please.

3 Share your thoughts

This one you REALLY need to know your audience. I can imagine if you’re reading the blog there is around a 70% you’re female and are generally interested in career, fashion/beauty and travel. Therefore I can share my thoughts on things in these categories and the post should do well! I think sharing thoughts on something can be a crucial way for your audience to get to know you, but you will walk a fine line, go in the wrong direction and it could also be where you lose people. Tips on this?

  • If you are writing your negative thoughts on something be diplomatic about it. By all means be honest but people don’t like to read your long rants
  • I would hesitate to venture into extra political grounds, unless that is of course your niche
  • Know your readers and speak to topics that they WANT your opinion on; if you’re a fashion blog, perhaps don’t share your opinion on finance tips for example 😉

writer's block


writer's block

How to hold on to those wonderful ideas!

1 Keep a book with you at all times! 

This is two sided 🙂 ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS have something that you can write in! Personally, I prefer to have a tangible notebook with me at all times. Some people like just as well to write in the notes app on their phone and this works as well. Use this so that when ever you get an idea for a post or some inspiration write it down! The worst thing that could happen is later you might not be as into it, but often it will inspire an entire article! The other book I am talking about is reading a book at all times. I have lately picked up my reading and let me tell you, it is so inspiring! It could be a self development book, a fictional novel or anything in between and there will come a time that something in it gives you a spark of an idea 🙂

2 Steal a few moments to start the post

If you have a few minutes here or there in your downtime, start a draft! You don’t have to always make a huge deal about “SITTING DOWN TO WRITE THE POST”. Sometimes I get an idea, I quickly log into WordPress, write my title and jot down a few key points. If that is all I get down at least something is started and it is easy to pick up. Sometimes the hardest thing is simply starting.

3 Record yourself 

This is something I do if I am driving and I get a really good idea, or really anytime I am on the move and can’t stop to write something down. I will either just speak into my microphone on my phone or actually record myself talking through my ideas. It is SOOO easy to do and even easier to come back to. Never let your ideas slip away, no matter what you’re doing!


Thoughts on this? What do you do to stay creative, hold on to those ideas and get through writer’s block? I would love to hear your tips on the matter! Tweet me or message on Instagram or Snapchat or go the old fashion route and comment below 🙂


Happy writing!

OXOX annika



writer's block




  1. February 9, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    I love these tips – I definitely have a problem with getting to writing even if my research is done. Your photos are stunning x

    • annika
      February 11, 2017 / 3:25 pm

      Andreanne, Thank you so much for reading and for the compliments on my photos 🙂 Made my day <3
      Writing is a tough one isn't it? I find it challenging also, but the more I do it the more it feels a little smoother 🙂 I hope the post helped chica!


  2. February 10, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Annika! I love this post because it really speaks to me. I have these moments with my blog where I’m killin it and I can get 4 posts up in a week and prep for the next week and it’s great. The outta nowhere, BOOOM! Writers block. It kills me but I love the tips you list. I really gotta get back to making lists because they totally keep me on track. Great post!!

    Danielle | <3

    • annika
      February 11, 2017 / 3:26 pm

      Danielle I am TOTALLY there with you! Some weeks I am golden and others I feel like I am in a black hole >.< lol Lists are my 'go-to' for everything, lol did you check the post on why I love lists? you might get a kick out of it 🙂 OXOX annika

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