A little Love Story; Standing up for Valentine’s Day

A little Love Story; Standing up for Valentine’s Day



I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE Valentine’s day 🙂 I loved it when I was single and I love it now when I get to share it with my partner in crime Dustin 🙂 Speaking of which, some of you may or may not be curious about Dustin and I; so I figured what better time to share our little story than on Valentine’s day 🙂


Our sweet moments

His name for me: Sunshine

My name for him: Sweet, Sweetheart, honey, babe, bae (I can’t seem to choose)

His first Valentine’s gift to me: Dinner at Sotto Sotto and a gorgeous Swarovski necklace

My first gift to him: Tickets to a Harlem Globetrotters game (I think he won in thoughtfulness that year 🙂 )

Our first date: Korean BBQ – where I managed to get soy sauce on my white shirt . . . smooth annika

Our first trip together: To see our families in British Columbia and Alberta

Our first big shared responsibility: Getting little Karlsson 🙂


valentine's day

Our Story

Here is when you insert one of those adorable awwwwww  moments 🙂 Dustin and I actually met at work; on the first day no less, and in the first 1o minutes! Was it love at first sight,  did he court me with his smooth talking and fancy briefcase? Nope, but it was perfect 🙂 The first week at a big four accounting firm all the newbies go through training together, which means all Toronto offices and all different audit departments are in one spot:) Realistically, we never would have met except that at the time Dustin lived uptown and was SERIOUSLY caught in traffic in a cab on his way, which ended up making him a few minutes late (tsk tsk . . . on the FIRST day of work!). We were all set up at round tables in various rooms and when Dustin finally got to the training, there was literally only one seat left . . .  right next to moi 🙂 I would say he had my attention as soon as we started talking about international travel 😛 Two months passed before we actually started dating. Looking back I remember those two months with such agony wondering if he would be at a party or when we would hang out; it was totally worth it and now here we are over four years later! I guess I have one more thing to add to that post I did on what I learned from Big Four accounting firms, I should include some thanks to meeting Dustin <3


I will spare you all from the rest of the sappy details. All this is to say that I am so blessed to share Valentine’s Day with my best friend. I don’t completely agree with how commercial Valentine’s can be and I know some people are really not “into it“, but realistically I think that our lives can get busy and we can forget to plan special romantic evenings or forget altogether how lucky we are. So take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to share some love with your best friend, your partner, significant other or whomever you choose to spend today with. I am spending it with my other half, team mate and love of my life.


Happy St. Valentine’s Day

OXOX annika



valentine's day


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