Types of hair removal – what works???

hair removal

Hair removal options


I love having hair on my legs . . . “said no one ever“! Who likes having hair ANYWHERE except on your head, eyebrows and lashes???

There are way too many options for hair removal and come on, who really wants to try everything under the sun until they find what works for them? Well, haha, I have tried . . .  everything. Mind you I have to say this is simply my personal preference, I mean you do you and if you absolutely love using tweezers to get the hair off your legs . . . well, its going to take you awhile there!

As St. Valentine’s creeping up around the corner I can only guess that on February 14th, you ESPECIALLY want to remove hair from some unwanted places 🙂

I have no idea what my guy has planned for me, I am sure it will be something magical *hint hint babe if you’re reading this 😀*, but I DO KNOW FOR SURE I do not want to be wearing tights to hide the fact that I haven’t waxed in awhile haha!


Okay let’s get the deets right? I want to break down different types of hair removal!



I have never been much of a shaver type, but I know that some people swear by it! Recently as I will share below, I started a laser treatment which involves shaving before you go in. So I have picked up shaving again! It is actually pretty simple and gets some smooth results!


  • The result is OH SO SMOOTH!
  • Shaving is relatively inexpensive compared to other methods, I mean you get your foam and some nice razors of your choice for easily under $20 !


  • You have to do it so often! I mean, I guess depending on how fast your hair grows, but then you have that prickly phase . . . no one likes that prickly phase 🙁
  • Some areas shaving lends itself to be better and some that are just downright complicated! I might point out that your legs and underarms (minus ankles and knees on the legs) are pretty simple to get a smooth shave 🙂 But. . . a certain area like your very feminine area does not fit the easy to “shave criteria”; and believe it, you want to put in some extra time and care in that area!

Verdict? I see nothing wrong with shaving as long you are comfortable with the frequency that you must do it! Also a little tippy tip; TAKE YOUR TIME, try not to nick yourself because of rushing!


hair removal


Hair Removal Lotion

I haven’t done this one in a long time, but I remember a few times thinking this was the bomb!

How it works? You get the smooth effect of shaving without really doing much. You slather a bunch of lotion on, wash it off your hands and then wait. After awhile, you take a washcloth and literally rub off all of your hair.


  • So SIMPLE, there is literally no activity involved, you can sit there and read a magazine if you like!
  • Smooth results, no hair out of place!
  • Super cheap! I think one bottle of this lotion will only set you back under $10, which is not too shabby
  • Can get to hard to reach places as it is just a spreadable lotion!


  • I am a little weary about the chemicals that are in this and what they might be doing to my skin
  • The smell is NOT GOOD. Perhaps they have done something to the formula since I have used it, but I remember this smelling like ammonia

Verdict? I think I will pass on the lotions for now, I have other methods for each body part and the chemical issue is something that I can’t get past.


Waxing/ Sugaring

I would say this is where I fall into the mix. Both methods will be fairly similar but sugaring is a little less harsh on the skin, and the other BEST part of sugaring is the clean up! Since it is sugar you can use hot water to clean up, whereas waxing . . . you’re stuck; both metaphorically and literally.

How it works? Well, heat it up (sugar or wax), spread it on, put a little fabric over top and pull back against the direction of hair growth; yes, it tingles to say the least :S


  • The results lasts longer and hair grows back finer
  • You can get someone else to do this for you (I don’t know about you but I have never seen a spa that offers shaving . . .)
  • Wax will pick up hard to reach areas (as mentioned above with ‘not easy to get to places’)


  • Cost- this can definitely rack up the bills if you get a pro to do this for you regularly
  • You can do it yourself at home however some have trouble with pain, reaching hard places, and mess
  • I mentioned it already but . . . it HURTS!

Verdict? I have been waxing my legs and arms for years. I think this is the best method for these areas. I can’t be bothered to be in the shower shaving my legs every other day to keep a smooth result so this works for me 🙂 As for the ‘feminine’ area, each to your own, I find this is the best alternative to laser, but its not easy the first few times. I am not an aesthitician but if you plan on waxing your lady bits, GO TO A SPA, please don’t do it at home!


hair removal

hair removal


Is this a new one for anyone? I was really only introduced to it recently but I have come to LOVE it! Well, let’s use love in a very specific sense, it works 🙂

How it works? The concept is essentially that you have a little machine that looks like an electric razor and inside are about 40 little tweezers that pull out your hair. Yes, pain ensues but it does work!


  • Once you buy the epilator the cost is over! It is a one time expense and there are many good mid-range options around $140 Cad.
  • It is simple and no mess – no wax, no foam! Just a little (loud) machine pulling out your hair . . . doesn’t that sound lovely?
  • It is very portable and good for a quick fix if you notice last minute that your underarms need some attention!


  • IT HURTS!!! You have to move the epilator slowly over the area you’re focusing on, and oh my goodness, it is painful. Not to scare you or anything 🙂

Verdict? I have my epilator and I have a love hate relationship with it. Hate the pain, but I love the ease of use. I would recommend using this baby on your under arms as it is a small, quick area that you DEF don’t want any hair. The area is also small enough that you won’t be in pain too long! I also use mine on occasion on my legs, sometimes to catch anything I missed after waxing or if I am on holiday. It is GREAT for holidays as I don’t really shave but I don’t want to have to find a spa to get waxed at while I am away.


hair removal


Yes – we went there! I had many reservations about lasering for a long time and I have finally taken the plunge! I cannot speak from my own experience though, as I have not finished treatments, but I have seen some amazing results from friends of mine 🙂

How it works? As the name suggests a laser is used to zap the hair follicle, essentially killing it, so that it slows and eventually ceases the growth of hair. Very often, what the end result will be is that you will still have some hair there, so not like a clean shave, but rather light, thin hair that you can barely see. Typically it works best on light skinned individuals with dark hair, as the color contrast is what attracts the laser’s zap! Recently, technology has been advanced to help people with dark skin and dark hair and those like me, light skin and light hair 🙂


  • It is permanent!!!! After 5-8 sessions no more hair for you!


  • Takes a long time – there are no quick fixes here, for a section of your body it could take the better part of a year to finish treatment
  • It is MUCHO expensive, this stuff doesn’t come cheap, but if you think about how much money you would spend the rest of your life on hair removal, you might come out ahead doing laser. . .plus all that time saved!


Verdict? I think if you can afford laser treatments and are willing to make the investment then it is definitely something you should consider for any and every part of your body. The other thing to think about is if your hair/skin contrast is high enough to be a good candidate; I will let you know how mine ends up!




Was this helpful? What method of hair removal do you use? Am I the only one who has literally tried everything??? I would love to hear any tips you have for me, I am always trying to make the process quicker and a little less painful!


Happy waxing/shaving/lasering/epilating !!!

OX Annika




hair removal



  1. April 19, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    That’s really neat that laser hair removal is permanent. When you think of all the time you’ll spend otherwise shaving or waxing, it seems like a good investment. I think it’s something worth saving up for and taking care of.

    • annika
      April 20, 2017 / 1:41 am

      Yes! I completely agree, I think laser is also short term pain and long term gain, whereas waxing. . . it is quite painful each time you go!


  2. September 7, 2017 / 6:56 am

    This is perfect. Thanks for sharing these hair removal tips. Thanks!

    • annika
      September 7, 2017 / 11:42 am

      Thanks for stopping by!

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