The big French skincare secret!

french skincare


The big French skincare secret!


We always rant and rave about how beautiful French women are; they always have a little je ne sais quoi about them. Specifically, people comment on their skin and how naturally gorgeous it is. Well, I hate to break it to you but we are all born with skin, and French skin is no more special than any one else’s. They do however see skincare and lifestyle in a completely different way. For one thing, when going in the sun they don’t rub oil all over themselves and try and fry to a golden brown. . .  they put on SPF 50+ and wear a hat! That combined with eating a more mediterranean diet, drinking more water and easing up on the amount of make up in their everyday routine adds to the soft, supple French skin. Bottom line you may wonder ?


the French see skincare as a necessity not a luxury


I find that in North America we see facials and spa treatments as a HUGE luxury and much of the time feel rather guilty after indulging. Well that is completely the opposite of a French woman’s mindset. She sees regular facials, good quality products and serious regimens as a necessity to looking and feeling great. French women don’t need to use the excuse of “me time” or “self-pampering” to get a treatment done or actually take the time to go through a multi step skin care process, it is just part of daily life.


Realistically I feel like this just falls right back into how North American’s are “busy to seem busy” and see lack of sleep as a “badge of honour”. . . absurdity. With absolutely no need to break the bank, you can have a proper skin care routine that will showcase some serious natural beauty.


Here is what I do to take care of my skin and believe me, one would spend a lot more money paying for restorative treatments later in life than in simply using these preventative measures 🙂

french skincare

french skincare



Le Facial

A traditional facial includes steaming, cleansing, massaging, extracting, exfoliating, masking and moisturizing. . . PHEW haha quite the list, and that might not be all depending on what kind of facial you get. French women get a facial on the reg. and are not afraid to admit it, it is the basis of French skincare. It wouldn’t be uncommon to go for a facial once a month if not more. If you don’t see yourself getting a facial that often, make sure you do at home facials, and I don’t mean “throwing a little water on and wearing a sheet mask”, I mean put your head over a bowl of hot water with a towel overtop and steam your face, cleanse it, exfoliate it, massage it and finish it all with a nice moisturizer. Skincare is no joke 😀


Le Make-up

We all know that we need to remove make-up before we go to sleep, just like we all know that we should floss everyday . . . now how many of us actually do both of those? (Just for the record I floss and remove make-up each night!) I get that you’re tired and want to simply hit the hay, but your skin needs a break! It is no wonder you get redness and clogged pores if you layer on make-up and wear it for 24 hours! Speaking of which, less-is-more when it comes to make-up. When you have good skin (and you will if you follow the French-way, then you don’t need much help to have a glowing look. Some simple mascara and a rep lip will take you a long way, no more of that caked on foundation okay, thanks 🙂



I have finally learned my lesson that I am not going to be one of those women who steps into the sun and turns into a southern Italian beauty with olive skin. That said, I had to learn my lesson with SPF and HIGH SPF. I am normally rocking an SPF 50 or sometimes 60, and ladies, I still get a little colour which is always nice. The point is, that if you are frying yourself on the beach you’re going to hurt your skin badly and likely end up looking like a wrinkly piece of leather, not cute.  You should actually be wearing sun protection on your face all year round, not only when you’re at the beach. So promise me, SPF moisturizer on your face 🙂


De L’eau (Le water)

This is important! I want you CHUGGING water! We have all seen those before and after posts right –  I drank a million litres of water daily for 30 days and my skin looked amazing – and their skin always does look amazing after that, but then for some reason we never follow through with our own goals to drink more water, funny isn’t it? Do what ever you need to do; drink herbal tea, put fruit in your water, carry a water bottle with you at all times, just drink more, you will see results! Also going back to moisturizers, use a water based one. Those thick, buttery ones are not doing you any good, its schmearing across your skin but not hydrating it, leaving your skin as dry as it was before yet now its also clogged 🙁 Stick with ones that use H2O as a base and you’re good!


Le Bonus

This little bonus tip is one that I am working on and it is something I do all the time and SHOULDN’T! We need to stop touching our faces!!! Our hands get so dirty during the day, just think of how gross it is to touch your face after holding on to the rail in the subway. . . not a pretty picture is it? Well, I need to change the habit of touching my chin when I am concentrating because guess what, whenever I do break out it is on my CHIN!

take the mindset that this is a skincare routine not a guilty luxury


I think by following these few simple, yet perhaps a tad more time consuming things, we will end up with skin like the French 🙂 Do you have any skincare tips to share, please please please comment below or message me, I would love to hear!


Le Recap of French Skincare

  • Full spa facial at the change of seasons (four per year)
  • Remove make up each night (this really doesn’t take that much time, if you’re a self professed lazy person, get some facial wipes!)
  • Weekly mask (at minimum, these can be sheet or other)
  • Minimize your make up (no caking on please, let your skin breath)
  • SPF 50+ on your face (i don’t care how much you want a tan, what do you want more; a temporary tan or permanent wrinkles?)
  • SPF everyday on your face (yes, even in winter)
  • Use water based moisturizers (those thick things are like putting saran wrap on your face, it can’t get into your pores)
  • Drink more water (we are what we drink and if we are dehydrated we look more like raisins than grapes . . . just saying 🙂 )
  • Stop touching your face!


Enjoy your facials!

OXOX Annika



french skincare

Credit: Header photo from Her Creative Studio, Body photos by @Alaataher


  1. January 10, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    Loved this post! I could definitely use another facial or two in my life!

    xx Gabriella

    • annika
      January 10, 2017 / 7:26 pm

      Gabriella, thank you so much for reading the post 🙂 I think we could all use more facials in our lives

  2. Emilie Wong
    January 11, 2017 / 3:43 am

    I was just thinking of a facial! I think coffee scrubs are also great and an inexpensive way to get the skin cells circulating and glowing! And a rose oil spray – good for all skin types and smells nice;)

    • annika
      January 12, 2017 / 11:55 am

      OMG those are fantastic tips Emilie! So those coffee scrubs, do you use them right after pulling an espresso shot or do you keep them somewhere specific??? I am going to have to give this a try. . . I go through enough coffee!


  3. January 11, 2017 / 5:52 pm

    Thanks for sharing the secret! I need to be better about getting facials since they are a key to maintaining good skin.

    • annika
      January 12, 2017 / 11:56 am

      They definitely are Jenna! Try the switching between home and spa facials and literally watch your skin improve!!!


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