How to get through a hangover !


how to get through a hangover


How to get through a hangover!


Well, well, well – look who googled how to get rid of a hangover. Hopefully it isn’t too terrible! I hope your New Year’s eve was AMAZING! Many people are looking for that magic thing to completely rid them of the headaches and nausea, but unfortunately you should have drank a litre of water before going to bed! However, I will share some quick tips that will ease the pain and hopefully get you feeling chipper in no time !

  1. It all depends on your symptoms! Headache – reach for the Advil, stomach ache, peptobismol and exhausted have some coffee – all three? maybe stay in bed a little longer. . . .
    • Side point on this do take ADVIL (Advil is Ibuprofen not Tylenol (acetaminophen) as acetaminophen has negative effects on the body when mixed with alcohol)
  2. Water always helps! Alcohol in general makes you dehydrated, so GULP DOWN some H2O – easy does it though, too much too soon will umm . . . not stay down
  3. Bananas and eggs – Funny enough these are the two foods that are said to “get you back in form” after a raging night (NYE anyone?). Bananas for their high potassium content to replenish electrolytes and eggs for their taurine and cysteine which boosts liver function and helps in getting rid of that headache.
  4. Ginger tea my friend – Have you ever heard that ginger tea is great for digestion? Well IT IS! And what a better time then when your stomach is flipping itself left, right and centre! Drink up!
  5. Coconut water – After drinking your body is shaky for many reasons including low blood sugar – you could have a Gatorade or Powerade however I would suggest a tall glass of coconut water. It will naturally replenish your electrolytes and get you feeling a little more calm.
  6. Ginger ale – Remember when you were a little kid and if you had a stomach ache your mom would give you ginger – ale well, for some this seemed like a special occasion, it actually has some fact to it, apparently it promotes the detoxification process of the liver 🙂
  7. A good shower – Not sure if there is anything but psychological factors here, but a shower in the morning does wonders to feel fresh again . . . even if you end up going back to bed again. Try to not go too hot or too cold, a nice warm to cool temp will wake you up and feel a little more awake.
  8. Exercise – Okay, I get it, this REALLY depends on how hardcore the night was before. If you can manage to even go outside and walk in the fresh air it can make heaps of difference in the recovery!


how to get through a hangover



how to get through a hangover


And now for some weird remedies that I came across . . .

  1. Taking shots of pickle juice . . . ummmmmm. . . they say that the salt and vinegar in this help replenish electrolytes. Why people don’t just drink coconut water, who knows but this method suggests shooting pickle juice before and after drinking.
  2. Hair of the dog – ugh, we have all heard that this is a good idea, but guys, it just prolongs the hangover. You are essentially postponing and prolonging the inevitable, why not just push through and feel better!?
  3. Cabbage juice – welp, can’t say that I would like to juice a cabbage with a hangover nor can I say that I think you can even find cabbage juice in stores – but apparently this concoction helps stabilize blood glucose levels.



Well I hope that this helps you at least get through a few hours with these little tippy-tips! After you’re feeling better don’t forget to set some goals for 2017!!!!!



OX Annika



how to get through a hangover



    • annika
      January 6, 2017 / 12:33 pm

      Thanks Jannine!!! Ginger tea is key!!!! I am now using shots of cold pressed ginger to get over my cold and it seems to be working !!!!

      OX Annika

  1. January 6, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    Oh my! What a great post. I will share it with friends.

    • annika
      January 6, 2017 / 11:21 pm

      Thanks Jennifer!!! I think there are some helpful tips 🙂

      OX Annika

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