What to wear on New Year’s Eve? We have options!

what to wear on new year's eve

What to wear on New Year’s Eve? We have options!

Let’s get straight to the point, I am not one to over plan NYE because I feel like it is one of those things that the more you try and plan it, the more you set yourself up for a disappointment. . .  not to sound depressing! I think the best New Year’s Eve is when you’re with a great group of people and don’t commit or have too high of expectations, then you will create an adventurous evening without even trying!

Does it seem a little early to post about NYE dresses; perhaps. . . BUT you know me, I am a strategic woman, I am posting now for a reason! I feel like every year there will come a time, likely closer to the end of the month when the question will arise, “what to wear on New Year’s eve?”. Then the chaos begins and full priced items ensue. Why not pick out the style you want NOW and come boxing day, you’re set! Once everything goes on sale, you already know what you want, you get it for half the price, you’re laughing all the way to New Year’s when all your girlfriends are stressing out and paying full price!


This is the one  thing I WILL plan for NYE; my outfit 😉 Am I right or am I right? I don’t really care what I am doing on NYE but I want to look hot doing it! I think there are some classics that we MUST consider and then of course I wanted to throw some practicality and fun into the mix . . . I mean, yes, pain is beauty blah blah blah, but a girl has to consider her environment and the environment in Canada around these times in December is COLD!!! This brings me nicely to my first set – LONG SLEEVES!


Long sleeves to keep warm

I feel like if you’re anywhere in Canada, Europe and in many parts of the USA you WILL want to consider a long sleeved dress. To all you folk who are in blessed to be in warm places during this time of year then you could try and find a breathable dress to wear the long sleeve trend without hitting a boiling point. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little numbers because the tight fit and short cut balances out the long sleeves. You def don’t want to go for a long sleeved, loose fitting frock. . . sounds a little frump frump to me but hey I have an open mind if you find a dress that is loose, has long sleeves and is cute PLEASE send over!

what to wear on new year's eve


Metallics and sexy sequins

Okay ladies, the next option is super fun; Metallics and sequins!!! When else except during the holidays and SPECIFICALLY on New Year’s Eve can you get away with being this shiny and sparkly??? Unless you’re frequenting futuristic themed parties I have a feeling you don’t get that many opportunities to wear a cute dress like these! I love that all the cuts of these are super simple to balance the LOUD statement that they make with the color, texture and shine. If you want to get noticed and find your midnight kiss wear one of these and you will command the room!

what to wear on new year's eve


LBD to keep it hot ‘n simple

AND VOILA the grande finale the LBD (little black dress)(lifesaver black dress)(little beautiful delight) . . *the names go on!* I could not have a party dress blog post without talking about the famous LITTLE BLACK DRESS! I gathered together a few classics and a couple that are a little out of the box – HELLO ostrich feathers and leather sweetheart top! One can never go wrong with an LBD for a party, it is the classic statement. You know, a couple other key things in favour of an LBD investment are: changing your jewelry and accessories completely transforms the outfit so you can change the look AND it is just so darn classic that you can invest once and wear many times no matter the occasion!

what to wear on new year's eve


Do you have big plans for NYE? Have you selected your outfit yet? Okay – aside from dresses a couple tips to take on the go!

Extra NYE tips for success!

  1. Eat proper meals and drink lots of water the day of – you have a long night ahead of you, if you want to make it to midnight without either falling asleep or worse, ahem not being able to keep your champagne down, it won’t be a night to remember. . .
  2. Bring a pair of ballet flats with you to the party – the worst is that you are having a fantastic time but your new heels are not properly broken in! Bring along a pair of flats to switch into after your midnight kiss to make sure your feet are given a break 🙂
  3. Plan ahead with transportation – it doesn’t matter if you’re going to a house party at a friends or a big event downtown keep in mind that Uber will be on a premium! Plan ahead, maybe have a friend who will drive (and obviously not drink!) or maybe you will take advantage of free subways – but just PLAN no one wants to be running around at 2am wondering how in the world to get home! If you end up being the designated driver see it on the bright side of all the calories you will save and kickstart that New Year’s resolution of moderation!


Happy Planning!!!

oxox Annika



what to wear on new year's eve

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    • annika
      December 19, 2016 / 12:56 pm

      Katherine, I am so in agreement!!! I love the long sleeves, I feel like so many times I have covered my cute dress with a sweater! Not this year 🙂

      oxox Annika

    • annika
      December 20, 2016 / 4:18 am

      That dress was one of my FAVS!!! Not sure I could pull it off though, definitely no hiding ANY flaws haha 🙂 I loved yours too!!!


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