How to relax during the holidays



It is December! T-24 days – how are we doing? Getting stressed? You’re right it is a little early for that, but I can imagine once you start looking at the LONG LIST you have to get done for the holidays you will feel that little bead of sweat coming down your forehead . . . Cooking, cleaning, baking, wrapping, gifting . . . dare I say returning (with a gift receipt) haha I really wish I had a little grinch smile emoji to slap in there.


Needless to say that the holidays are super festive and super fun, but for some reason we all become crazy! There is a lot of pressure, especially if you’re hosting or trying to find a gift that will impress someone. Here are a few holiday-budget friendly things to do to take a load off and R-E-L-A-X while enjoying the sparkly month of December.

7 ways to relax over the holiday

  1. Cuddle up with a hot chocolate (I like mine with a little peppermint schnapps) and watch your favourite Christmas movie. Personal picks for me? The Grinch (both cartoon and with Jim Carrey), Love Actually and of course you cannot forget the classic Home Alone!
  2. Take a LONG bath with epsom salts and do a face mask or get a fancy bath bomb!!!
  3. Go to bed EARLY – I know that it is super easy to stay up until all hours preparing for Christmas as well as when you’re on holidays, but remember how much better you feel during the day when you get your proper sleep!
  4. Shop online! Hah – I know it seems a tad obvious but the malls are bursting at the seams. Maybe now is the time to run over to Amazon or whichever site you like best and get those gifts on overnight shipping. You will be happy to finish Christmas shopping with a latte (or wine) in hand and no lines!
  5. Eat balanced – This kind of feels like the sleep thing. I know it’s lovely to binge on cookies and cheese to your heart’s content but there WILL come a time in January when you are making those New Year’s Resolutions that you will wish you had, had more restraint! Try to be balanced and enjoy some festive snacks but don’t over do it.
  6. If you’re the hosting type, pick ONE event to host over the holidays! Please don’t do Christmas Eve, Christmas morning/dinner and New Years! INSANITY!!! One of those events is enough to stress a girl out, let alone doing multiple. It is so fun to have people over, but don’t let it completely take over your “vacation” and leave you returning to work high strung due to cocktails and cookies.
  7. Last but not least just chill, take some “me time” and have a massage if needed  😉


What do you guys do over the holidays to relax? I am liking #7 for the massage!




Merry Christmas and CHILL OUT

oxox Annika




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