Gifts for HIM on a budget!

gifts for him

Gifts for HIM on a budget!

Well, well, well. . . looks like I got a little request for a men’s gift guide – a little “for him” going on here on Fernweh Society today. I compiled two categories again: under $50 and then an under $75. A little disclaimer out there, after I selected all the products I liked I realized that some are in USD womp…womp…womp. So, sorry about that – the prices are still reasonable but not in CAD and some over the $75 mark. If you’d like feel free to message about anything in particular and I can try and do more digging for alternatives! Okies – now on to the gift guide; don’t mind if I pick out a few favourite goodies from each! Shall we ?

Favorites under $50

This Vineyard Pink Button Down – Honestly, real men wear pink! If he has enough confidence to rock it, he knows what he is doing. A men’s pink is perfect, he can dress it up by pairing it with deep royal colors or adding a blazer, and dress it down by using cool greys and perhaps a nice neck scarf 😉 I would love to see my hun in this shirt 🙂

The Art of Shaving kit. Ladies, am I right when sometimes men just don’t understand the luxury  necessity of a good nail polish or fantastic (maybe a little expensive) hairspray? Well, get him this shaving kit and he won’t bother you about it anymore haha because he will come to need the good stuff too 🙂 You’re welcome oxo

Favourites under $75


These whiskey glasses! A man has gotta have some solid glasses, it just isn’t the same have an aged, fancy drink out of a juice tumbler 😛 He will thank you for them profusely!


This super chic Comme Des Garçons t-shirt. Yes, it is casual but it is casual with a classy kick! This shirt could be worn under a cool blazer – slap on a pair of chinos and some leather boots and you’re man is ready for a night out 😉

Gifts for Him Under $50

Gifts for Him under $75

How nice are these gifts! I feel like every time a girl needs to buy a gift for a guy they get totally stumped; you MEN are so difficult to buy for! Hopefully this helps a little 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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